Easy Dutch Oven Sunny Eggs & Campfire Bacon





Introduction: Easy Dutch Oven Sunny Eggs & Campfire Bacon

I love cooking in the outdoors and I will share great recipes and cooking instruction with outdoor dutch oven cooking and various outdoor adventures. Here is my easy dutch oven recipe for sunny eggs and campfire bacon. Enjoy !!!

Step 1: Ingredients


Coconut oil (or any type of oil you would like), sweet potato, eggs

Step 2: Instructions

Place stovetop dutch oven over fire and let preheat for 5 minutes or so and then add bacon. Cook slow with not to much flame or heat until bacon is done. Remove and set aside.

Place 8 briquettes under your dutch oven (I'm using a 10" dutch oven for this). Add your coconut oil and let melt. Add your grated sweet potatoes. Put lid on dutch oven and put 10 briquettes on top. Check and stir after 15 minutes and gauge the remainder of the cook time for the sweet potato from how they look at this point. When sweet potato is almost cooked separate into piles and make a hole in the middle and crack an egg into the hole. Break the egg yolk, put the lid back on and add 4-6 more briquettes. Let cook for 5 minutes or so. Serve with your campfire bacon and enjoy !!!



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    Looks really good, I will
    have to try this next time out. I might try and make it a one pot meal. Cook
    the bacon first about 90/95% of the way done and set it aside. Then remove the
    excess golden nectar of the bacon and follow your directions from the sweet
    potatoes on. I am thinking when I drop the eggs into the sweet potato wells, I can put my bacon in a foil boat to heat it up in the fire. Getting my vote.