Introduction: Easy Easter Outdoor Decor

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Do you have a lot of left over plastic eggs from Easters past?  Here is a quick and easy instructable for a last minute outdoor Easter decoration.

You will need:
-plastic eggs  (I used 3 dozen- purchase according to your needs)
-fishing line  (or any thin string, no thicker than yarn)

-drill (if your eggs are not pre-drilled)
-box (so your finished eggs do not roll around)

Step 1: Prep Your Eggs & String

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NO HOLES? take your drill and create one hole in one end of the egg.  Make sure the hole is big enough for your string to go though.
GOT HOLES? Awesome! Now start preping your string.

Cut apoximately 5 inches of string or fishing line for each of your eggs.  The longer your string is, the lower the eggs will hang.

Step 2: Stringing the Eggs

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1. Pick up an egg & open it.
2. String a pre-cut piece of fishing line/ string through the drilled hole and out the opening.
3. Tie the ends together (double knot at least).
4. Close the egg.

Repeat for each egg.

This is where a box is useful, it's a place to put the finished eggs so they don't roll around.

Step 3: Decorate!

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Now here's the fun part: decorate!
Put them on bushes, trees, mailboxes, anywhere.  Be creative.

Click on the pictures for extra tips & tricks.


PaganRaven (author)2014-04-27

we had some neighbors who did this on their redbud tree as it was blooming..and the color of the blooms went perfectly with the eggs. The kids thought it looked "magical" lol Good 'ible!

ehauss (author)2014-04-27


mymyjames2000 (author)2014-04-26

Another method I've seen for hanging easter eggs is drilling a hole and threading the hole with string. Now, instead of a loop, take a button (with at least one hole) and tie on the inside of the egg. The button will act as a stopper for the sting, and the egg will hang verticaly. But your original design works well too!

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