Easy Egg Flower Ramen Soup





Introduction: Easy Egg Flower Ramen Soup

If you can boil water and crack an egg, you can make your Ramen delicious and nutritious! This recipe is cheap, quick, and simple.

Step 1: Ingredients

Gather your ingredients together:
*A Ramen Pack
*Eggs (1-4, depending on your hunger)
*Water in a saucepan or whatever

Begin boiling the water. You may want to add the flavor packet from the Ramen right as you begin.

Step 2: Put in the Eggs

When the water is *gently* boiling, crack the eggs and dump 'em in. If the water is boiling too fiercely, the eggs will froth up and ruin the aesthetics of your meal. In fact, I usually take the water off the heat for this part, if I am confident that I can stir in the eggs quickly enough.

Immediately after dropping the eggs in, stir slowly in one direction (I prefer counter-clockwise, but it's up to you). Make sure to break the yolks early. If you find it difficult to get a good consistency (lumpy egg bits rather than flowy ribbon), try whipping the egg in a cup before pouring it in. If you do it this way, pour it in slowly and at an even pace, stirring very slowly at the same time.

Step 3: Add Ramen, If Desired

If you are a straight-egg-soup-only kind of person, you can call your soup finished at this point. But I know your Instructables sensibilities are screaming with rage, "What about the noodles?!!"

When you are confident that the eggs are cooked enough and the salmonella is all dead, dump in the Ramen and let it soak for about four minutes. Stir it slowly.

Step 4: Devour Lovingly.

Wait for your soup to cool off, and then gorge yourself on the fanciest dinner you can buy with 50 cents!*

*estimate by cost of eggs per dozen and Ramen per packet.



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Eggs are a staple in my ramen eating and reviewing. You can poach em and scramble em. I think for egg flower chicken might be better thought.

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The Ramen Rater - http://www.ramenrater.com

Probably make eggless noodles instead of using Ramin noodles.

Pretty interesting, I was thinking about doing this. Kinda makes me think of egg drop soup....Though kinda rough on calories for those that are concerned about them. Seeing as a large egg is roughly 70 a piece and your ramen is around 380...adding four would give you 660 cal. Might not be too bad for a meal, deff not a snack though

I have done this for a few years now, but with a few changes. I added the eggs right after I turned off the heat when the noodles were cooked. Though I tend to limit 1 egg because added more than two can cool things off to much and you have raw eggs in your soup.

That makes sense. When I want lots of eggs in it, I end up microwaving it afterward.

Wouldn't adding the flavor packet take a longer time to boil? Adding salt to water lowers the freezing point and raises the boiling point (tyvm high school chemistry...)

I failed high school chemistry...
It's strange, you would appear to be right thanks a lot, Wikipedia... But I notice when I heat up the water a bit, then add the flavoring, steam bubbles pop up where the salt hits the bottom of the pan.
Interesting observation. I'll change that paragraph to be less misleading.

The reason it starts to bubble when you put in the season and salt packet is because they become sites of nucleation which makes the water easier to boil.

in my country we had noodles packs , we dnt have ramen packs , is it same or what ??