It is late at night, you are working on a project and you find that your electrical multimeter has a dead battery.

This happened to me, I looked everywhere but there was nowhere I could get a 9V battery until the morning. Not ready to give up yet, I decided to make a quick and easy solution to test continuity in circuits.

Step 1: Materials

This instructable is based around a battery powered LED light. This particular light came with a bit of double sided adhesive tape to stick in a cupboard or under the stairs for extra light but I am sure you could adapt a torch in the same way. You will also need an old cable such as an old phone charger or USB cable pictured here. A USB cable may be better as the cables inside are individually insulated. The last thing you need is something to accurately place on the terminals you wish to test. All i could find was 2 small pins that worked quite well but larger nails would work also.

The tools you will need include:

Small flat head screwdriver
Long nose pliers
Cutting pliers
Electrical tape
Soldering iron

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