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Empanadas - Ingredients
Supermarket pizza dough has changed my life. Not only does it let me make fresh pizza on a whim with my daughter, but it also lets me throw together any number of savory dishes that call for a bread crust. This easy empanada recipe is essentially a calzone filled with Mexican ingredients. -- Lygeia Grace, Senior Food Editor, Real Simple

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Taco night is a sure thing. The little ones get to play "build a taco." Your husband gets the beef he'd prefer on a nightly basis. And you don't spend hours preparing fancy dishes no one likes anyway. How to get some variety while not straying too far from success? Stay with the Mexican theme, but try substituting easy empanadas. The melt-in-your-mouth goodness of these golden-crusted pockets will silence any grumbling come Taco Tuesday.

1 package refrigerated pizza dough (about 1 pound)
Flour for the work surface
1 16-ounce can refried beans
1 1-pint container fresh salsa
1 8-ounce package shredded Cheddar
Sour cream (optional)
2 tablespoons olive oil

Step 1: Roll

Picture of Roll
Heat oven to 400 degrees F. Divide the dough into 6 equal portions. Roll each into an 8-inch round on a lightly floured surface.
roselia4 years ago
i like empanadas with cheese and crabmeat, which is tasty
jradi5 years ago
In the international section of your grocery, you may be able to find empanada dough already rolled out and cut into perfect circles. Goya sells them in a package, 12 for about $1. They stay frozen for months, defrost overnight and you can make a dozen empanadas in about 15 minutes - no mess at all.
sweller5 years ago
"This easy empanada recipe is essentially a calzone filled with Mexican ingredients."

To the contrary, I'd say a calzone is an Italian empanada. ;-)
Clayton H.5 years ago
I made some very delicious desert fruit filled empanadas in a cooking class once. they were very good.
As a great philosopher once said : "Wheres the beef?"
these photos are awesome! nice job
(X_X)5 years ago
I love empanadas! :D Im surely gonna try baking these ones thanks for the instructable =) 
These are a huge hit at my house. I'm usually playing host to all sorts of events and usually do the cooking. Its my house, I don't phone for piazza. I have made these for the past few gatherings, piazza filling, green chile/ground beef, and taking one comment's advice, Black Forest Ham, Sharp Chedder, and Tart apples. That one was the crowd fevered! I also took a 9 inch pie crush and made a giant tazone (taco calzone) that was a bit unwieldy but good none the less. Thank you for the inspiration!
Tobita7 years ago
do you cook your food in a sanitary clinic? looks SOOOOO CLEAN O_O
Not only that, but these pictures are FANTASTIC!! I mean seriously, they should be in a cookbook!! and the exclamation points are most definitely required for both statements
Just to point out the obvious, but this is a professional article that has been transfered from Realsimple.com to this site. Real Simple has a series for the site. The pictures look so awesome because it is a professional photo shoot.
I agree, the pictures are amazing.
Where do you get the pizza dough at? Is it the mix where you have to add the liquid, or is it a pre-made thing? I am guessing with the frozen part, it is something that is pre-made.
DELI!!!!!! THANKS!!!!!
Shifrin7 years ago
These look really great, maybe I can make it "My own" By adding a couple of secret ingredients.
Haha like weed??? MARY JANE!!!!
1) THOSE PICTURES ARE AMAZING. 2) Your bean spread looks like poopie. XD 3) Great instructable. Looks delicious. Mouth watering.
Cant wait to try you could use so many different fillings Thank You
bruno130697 years ago
Looks almost like a Cornish Pastie with a different edge crimp. How about one of those filled with shaved ham, sliced cheddar, and thinly sliced apples?
Wolf Seril7 years ago
Do you have like a professional photographer? Those pics are beautiful. Anyway, does anyone have suggestions on how to make a cinnamon-apple filling (like the ones from taco bell)? I know from making my own pop tarts homemade is always better, but I dont know where to start. I assume you would fry it.
unclesam7 years ago
For a variation of flavor, flakier crust, use pre-made (or scratch) pie crust. Use food can, etc, to cut rounds from the crust, which is sold already rolled flat; gather the scraps and roll flat to make one more round. A filling variation: canned ROAST-beef hash, made by folks who also sell corned-beef hash; spread a little mustard over hash filling before folding over the dough to close. Sweet variation: fill crust with canned fruit pie filling. With pie dough, no need to oil pan or top of dough. U.S.
The Mariner8 years ago
Wow ! Is there anything pizza dough cannot do ? Between this mouth-watering creation & the Stromboli, meal-time is covered.

Thanks !
mewsabella8 years ago
Lygeia, you are a genius. Thank you.
carlos66ba8 years ago
And the filling is also completely different!
carlos66ba8 years ago
That's no freaking empanada! That's a mex-calzone. Empanadas have completely different dough (more like puff-pastry).
snipegoat8 years ago
can yo but other ingreadiants in it like beef or instead of salsa, tomatoes and lettues (shreaded)
Danny8 years ago
omg just lookin through your instructables is making my mouth water!! ima go bake a cake sor something now XD