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    Good idea. I'm gonna try it with some lace I have lying around

    I like the design! Have you ever tried Armor etch with the stocking trick, it's always worked so well with paint for me but I've considered trying etching solution for glass with a consistent pattern like netting?

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    Sorry for the delay! I absolutely agree with dimdiode on this one. I have not had a good experience using Armour etch with anything less than a perfectly adhered edge. With the spraypaint, you're not manipulating the lace in any way, so it stays put and you get a fairly crisp image.

    hi For my 2c I would say don't go there. I have used Armor Etch, and it's great stuff - BUT the mask (the material that covers the part you don't want to etch) has to be super-attached around the edge especially. I use sticky vinyl, cut on my Robo, and it's great, except if you find even the tiniest area where the edge might lift, the etch goo creeps under there and spoils the design. I would say, in my view, that there's no way the stocking mask would be tight fitting enough to keep the etch off the parts you want clear. In fact, I would say you'd end up with a horrible all-over etch. And mind what else you cover in the etch goo - it stings!

    The finish is fairly durable, though I would recommend hand washing. Using a few light coats of spray paint will adhere better than one heavy coat or hand painting. You can also coat theor entire surface with spray on clear coat to help protect it.