For those times when I've gone out with a cute small bag, only to have needed to make a purchase and ended up jamming something that doesn't fit into my too-small bag, or carrying an ugly plastic bag emblazoned with the name of a multinational conglomerate, I made this explandable bag.

When compacted, it's a small, cute rouched felt tote bag with long contrasting handles and stitching. When expanded, it's a big tote bag to carry lots of stuff. To convert from long to short, pull the handles and hook. To convert from short to long, release the hooks and extend.

And it's super-easy to make, even with my limited sewing skills. Here's how.

Step 1: Materials


Sewing machine



Grosgrain (or other) ribbon, or other material appropriate for straps

Hook and eye closures (or other closure, such as snaps, buttons, etc.)

Small fabric scissors

Fabic marking pencil

Interfacing (optional)

Great idea! I do have one question though, on account of my being a total noob... Can this be made with a fabric besides felt?
I believe it can
I think it's brilliant too! Leather would be another option to felt
Absolutely. I just chose felt to make it easier. Since felt doesn't fray when you cut it, it just means you don't have to finish the edges or the the slits--I'm just a little too lazy to make finished button holes for all 40 slits. But it would be nice, so when I have a little more time, I'll give it a try and post it here.
You can also use a knitted fabric. Just look at the edge; if it's fraying, don't buy it.
Great idea. Thank you so much.
Looks nice!

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