Easy Extra Closet Shelf





Introduction: Easy Extra Closet Shelf

Living in small apartment, I needed to maximize the storage space in my closets but being a renter, I didn't want to make any permanent changes. So I came up with this easy way of adding an extra shelf to take advantage of all the vertical space in my closets.

Step 1: Cut the Mdf

I used 3/4" mdf and had it cut at the hardware store

Step 2: Attach the Side Supports to the Closet Walls

Since I'm a renter, I didn't want to use screws so instead I used repositionable adhesive sheets - they are strong enough to hold the pieces upright yet they can be removed easily without damaging the wall.

Step 3: Add Top Shelf

Place the shelf on top of the supports, and you’re done! This was one of the easiest projects I've done and I love having that extra shelf. I think I'll be doing this to all my closets in the future!



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    very nice and easy

    Great idea, love your instructable and voted for it

    Thank you! I really appreciate the vote!

    This is such a simple, ridiculously clever idea. Love it!