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In the gifting season, small containers are good to use to wrap things in. Home made treats or lollies look that much better in a hand-made container like these Easy Fabric Bowls. People really appreciate that it’s hand-made too.

Lynn Pavey made these fabric bowls with very simple materials – fabric and a cornflour and water paste. Like the String Starsdecorations we made, and the Rope Bowls Kit the cornflour paste forms a stiffening agent and makes the fabric hold it’s shapes when moulded around a base. Try it with Christmas coloured fabrics for a festive container for your small gifts. We tried it with red and white gingham, linen, and gold-on-red fabric.

Step 1:

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Make the cornflour paste mixture following the recipe above. Measure fabric in a square shape to fit wider than the bowl, so there is loose fabric at the top.

Step 2:

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Wrap the outside of the bowl in plastic cling wrap.

Step 3:

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Paint the inside of the fabric with cornflour paste. The patterned side of the fabric will be on the outside.

Step 4:

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Turn the bowl upside down, place the piece of fabric over the top and press the fabric around the outside of the bowl. Scrunch up the edges that hang over the side. Paint the paste generously over the fabric surface. It needs to be really wet.

Step 5:

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Let it dry completely (a full day in hot weather), use as gift containers or as receptacles for your small things.

Step 6:

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Here are some we tried with other fabrics like linen and gingham.


shyrell (author)2015-12-17

Is cornflower different from cornstarch?

DIY Hacks and How Tos (author)2015-12-11

Great idea to use a fabric bowl to store fabric supplies for sewing.

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