Introduction: Fire+Wire+Stripping=EASY

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Mechanics or work, or kitchen gloves
Open air.

Step 1: Safety

The fumes from the insulation around wires can't be good for your lungs, work in open area, avoid breathing fumes.
Unless you have fingers of steel, or like the look of a black smudge on you fingers, please were gloves, the tighter fitting the better.
Over time the lighter will heat up, careful where you put it down.

Step 2: Snip Ends With Dikes

In this example I'm using speaker wire.
Snip the ends even with your dikes, or possibly sturdy scissors.

Step 3: Separate Wires

Pull Ends To Be Stripped Apart, a good 1/2 inch should be plenty.

Step 4: Burn Baby Burn!!

Put on your gloves and simply burn the end you'd like stripped.
Burn for a 3 count.
Remember, hold away from your face. Please don't inhale the fumes.

Step 5: Pull Off Wire Insulation

Now immediately pull the insulation off the wire.
Repeat for all wires you need exposed.
If you'll be stripping lots of wires plan ahead for a safe place to put your lighter, it will get hot.

Step 6: Tape Wires.

Now your all set.
Twist your wires together to bond them.
Insulate them with electrical tape, or an electrical nut.



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    Busted!!:). Like my comforter?
    I get some of my best ideas, and such in bed.

    You have more guts than me then. I'd probably burn my house down.

    Nice ... a bit messy. I'll keep using my wire stripper for now :)

    Ya, I'd forgotten about this little trick, then I got a new, used car and swapped stereos... Then I saw the contest. So there Ya go.

    This is nice! I do stuff like this all the time so I got a seven-pack of lighters