I made this ferret shaped cake for my daughter who loves ferrets and all things ferret related. If you have the right tools, the cake will take less than an hour to decorate. The decorating bags are fairly inexpensive and the Grass and Hair Tip can usually be found for under $2 at most craft stores. The cake I used is a boxed mix and the icing is also store bought, though you can definitely make this using made-from-scratch cake and icing.

  • 10 inch round cake (can also use 8 or 9 inch, but the pictures show a 10 inch cake)
  • Serrated knife - to sculpt¬†the cake
  • Chocolate and Vanilla Icing (can be store bought)
  • Decorators Bags (2)
  • Grass and hair decorating tip (I used Wilton tip 233) - having 2 of these would be helpful because you need to switch from one icing color to the other.
  • zippered sandwich bag
  • Scissors
  • Chocolate Chips (2) for the eyes - I used standard sized chips - not the minis
  • Small cinnamon candy or small red round or heart shaped sprinkle (1) for the nose

Step 1: Carving the Cake

NOTE: If you are using a boxed cake mix, add 1/4 cup flour to the mix before baking. The additional flour makes a denser cake (easier to carve without falling apart). poured the entire mix into the 10" pan and baked it for the amount of time a 13 x 9 cake calls for. If you are making a smaller cake, use less mix and test your cake for doneness so you don't over bake it.

Once the cake has cooled, carve it as shown. The head and four legs are separate pieces. The body and tail are all one piece. The pieces don't have to be perfectly sculpted. They just define the basic ferret shape. Position your pieces on your serving plate.
Thank you :)
I play an online game called Second Life. Where one of my avatars is a ferret! I am so passing the link to this to all my ferret friends when I get online! Now.. to make a sock for this ferret cake.. just have to know us ferrets on SL ^^ keep up the great work!
That's so cool! I have to mention...my daughter's other favorite animal (second to the ferret) is a wolf. She perked up quite a bit when she saw that you had a ferret avatar AND your name is tattoo_wolf :)
Oooo, the first picture looks so much like a cocker spaniel. I guess the cake was dispatched in a humane way and eaten.
But of course! My daughter had to have the head to herself, though.
Great idea, very creative
Thanks so much!
This is so fun! Such a great idea! 5 stars!
Thank you!
This is a ferret cake. I can't beleive it.
It's not something you see every day, is it? :)
Not at all! For an added bonus, you could make it a carrot cake, and give the ferret a carrot, making it a Carrot Ferret Cake.
:) Now I'm wondering why I didn't think of that!
That's a brilliant idea ilpug!
Aww, thanks. :P

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