Picture of Easy Film Can AA Battery Holder
Simple Film Canister Battery Holder

Fat Cat was complaining he didn't have any AA battery holders for just one battery. So we came up with this. It is really easy to make and took very little time.

Step 1: Materials

Picture of Materials
Materials that we used. In one picture we forgot the glue dots and the other we forgot the battery. Silly us!
Drill Bit
Film Canister With Inside Closing Lid (Fuji Style)
Glue Dots
Hot Glue Gun
Wire (we used tabbing)
You could modify it to use AAA batteries and put tin foil at the bottom

I wonder if two AAA would work in one can hmmm

Samuel kos1 year ago
You guys really love making things out of film canisters :)
Cats Science Club (author)  Samuel kos1 year ago
Yes, yes we do lol. If you had 500 film canisters laying around you'd start thinking of ways to use them too ;-)
I thought film cans are were a perfect fit for "c" batteries?
You are giving away our next instructable lol. We used a film canister that snaps on the inside of the container. Like a Fuji style canister. C's work great for the film canisters that close around the outside of the canister.