Step 7: Wear!

Picture of Wear!
Now, wear and enjoy your gloves!  Have a warm and pain-free winter.

I'm hoping to reduce my chance of developing RSI problems in my wrists - hopefully you'll have nice warm hands and finger joints for whatever you do.  If you make your own pair, I'd love to see a picture and learn what you're using them for!
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perhaps melting the ends would stop the unravel but then it might be scratchy...

hahahippo=)4 years ago
Wait but don't the gloves unravel at the top where they were cut? I have tried to make some fingerless gloves like this and they unraveled a bunch!
mine are ^^; I'll try to find a way to stop the unraveling, if you're still needing help with that
Im using mine for a Kirito (Sword Art Online) cosplay for my school's costume day tomorrow, afterward I think I'll use them while I finish my crochet pair I started and never finished XD, of course i have lots of other crochet projects I wanna do, so these gloves will get plenty of use in the coming winter as I make up blankets and scarves and whatnot, so long as the finger's stop unraveling XD
jamesdude4 years ago
I want a keyboard like that.
canida (author)  jamesdude4 years ago
It's a kinesis. Takes a bit of time to get used to the swap-over, but it's somewhat less likely to break your hands if you type lots.
carpfluff4 years ago
i love the stripes.