Easy First Robot That Spins


Introduction: Easy First Robot That Spins

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In this instructable, i will show you have to make, a simple robot out of scrap parts, that you can find at home. or at a hardware store.

Step 1: Parts List and Assembly

1.5 volt Motor http://www.radioshack.com/

Electrical Tape or hot glue would work:)

1.5 volt or better AA battery or Other.

L Shaped Plastic or Bobby Pins shaped in to an L

Copper Wires Cut to size

The goal is to place the L shaped Object to the sides of the motor across from one another. and hold them in place with tape, or hot glue, and place the battery on top like the picture shows. +- or -+ does not matter it just changes the spin of the motor.

Step 2: Watch It Go!!

Now set it on the ground and use it to make your dog or cat go nuts lol



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    Can we see photos of this being done?