Easy Fish Corral





Introduction: Easy Fish Corral

This trap is to be deployed in a small river or stream, and is a pretty easy way to catch a fair ammount of fish and keep them alive until you need them.

Step 1: Make the Fence

To make the fence, you must start with branches, sharpened on one end, and plenty of reeds and/or green branches. Then, weave the reeds between the sticks. I've found that it is easier to do if you stick the sharp ends of the sticks into the ground (but not very deep) and weave while they're standing. Make it as long as needed, but I prefer to make several short fences because they're easier to carry to the river.

Step 2: Deploy for a Narrow Stream

This picture is pretty self-explanatory, so just post comments if you have questions.

Step 3: Deploy for a Wide Stream at a Narrow Spot

This is for a wide stream or river where you find a narrow spot. Again, just comment questions if you have any.



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    Is this a trapping way or a way to hold them?

    This is both. This pen will hold them, alive, until you are ready to cook one, at which point you can pretty much grab them with your bare hands.