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Introduction: Easy Fix for Falling Fly

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This is one of the easiest and cheapest solutions I've ever heard for a problem that can potentially cost you a lot of embarrassment and social awkwardness. For 10 cents you can ensure that your fly is never down in public again!

Step 1: Supplies

  • one 3/4" OD double key ring (just larger than the button on your pants)
  • really strong nails or a small screwdriver
  • pair of pants with a constantly low flying zipper

Step 2: The Quick How To

Use your nail or screwdriver to open up one end of the key ring and insert the end into the top hole of your zipper pull. Turn the ring until it is all the way on the pull.

Now you can use the ring as both a bigger, and therefore easier, pull tab AND a locking device. To lock your zipper securely 'up', pull the zipper all the way closed and slip the ring over the button. Put the button through the button hole as you normally would and....Voila

Step 3: Seamlessly Secure!

Voila! It's completely unnoticeable and completely secure! Now go forth into the world with confidence that your barn door will remain closed until you see fit to open it.

Step 4: Animated Actions!



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    Younger I used a safety pin for that, it gave me a punk look !

    There is another issue that this resolves which pertains to myself even more than the self lowering fly problem.

    I'm diabetic and have issues with peripheral neuropathy which really makes getting hold of the zipper tab a challenge.

    I'll be sending a mental telegraphy 'thank you' every time I don't have to fumble to zip and unzip!

    2 replies

    Yet another win: this will keep the zip tab from sliding down into the sewn end of the fly so you can't grab it to zip up.

    Oh my goodness, I am so glad that this idea has another great purpose. I'll be sending mental high fives back to your 'thank you's.

    I hope this works....I don't wanna find out tre hard way though....

    done this many times when my flies don't stay up

    I just saw this, and literally 2 minutes later I am now doing this. Right now! On my pants! They have been driving me crazy. Thank you thank you!

    Damn, I've been doing this for 20 years! Now everyone knows our secret and I'll have to stop saying things like "Your fly is ALWAYS open. I'll fix your pants if you give me a ride home!" :)

    So simple and lovely. If anyone has trouble getting a small enough keyring, check out the jewelry section for "split rings". Should even be able to find colors.

    Absolutely love this idea. So smart!

    This or an elastic are a great fix if the lock on your slider is worn out. But try this first. Simply make sure the pull tab is in the down position. That's what locks it. Yes the lock can wear out but also the slider it self could spread open too much. Generally the result of that is a zipper that opens up from the bottom. A quick pinch with needle nose pliers on the narrow end of the slider and poof it's fixed. Take it from a retired seamstress who would much rather fix a slider then tear out and replace a zipper. :)

    2 replies

    That's another good idea. I'm not great at sewing so if the pants are big enough and the pull tab has broken off at one side, near the bottom of the zipper I have pulled out a couple of the metal ribs the pull rides on and put it back together. Then I hand sew the zipper so the pull tab can't go down far enough to come back off.

    yup there are a lot of work arounds. I used that quite a bit too. :)

    Very smart! This will help lots of people.

    So Awesome!!!! Waaaayyyyy better than the paperclip or safety pin fix!

    God bless you, the perfect remedy for my right now situation, just found out my fly is not locking anymore, thank you, keep up the fly, cheers

    Why didn't I think of this? Ah I'm kicking myself. This is great. I had this problem often. I've you the safety pin only for it to break open and stab me.Great, great idea.

    you Sir... have my respect