In this instructable i will show you how to make a flamethrower/blaster in under a minute.

Step 1: What You Need

1. Thing of body spray, honestly, anthing such as body spray, hair spray even spray paint will work. I only use tag because thats what i had on me.

2. one pop bottle, make sure there is no liquid left in it. And if you want, a two litre makes it alot better

3. a lighter, i love my zippo! but of course anything that produces a flame will work.

and a pic

Step 2: Filler' Up!

Take the body spray, ect and spray the inside of the bottle. its hould look cloudy when it is filled. And another way to check if it is filled is squeeze it gently and it should make smoke rings.


Step 3: Light!

And the final step is to light it. To do this, follow steps 1 and 2 when you are done take a lighter and light the opening of the bottle. You shouldent see more than a slight blue flame by the opening. Now the fun part, Squeeeez! take the bottle and squeeze it. try not to aim at anything that you care about. a flame should blast from the opening. when the flame goes out you should be able to light a couple more times. it should look like this.

I have used axe to make a flame thrower. Cool greenish flame with blue edges...kinda wierd. But anyway, 2 matches+ axe= fun :D I burned a pile of matches and hairspray. I made a cool flame thing.
what is 'pop'?
you can uce can of axe to make a flamethrower just push the button & light er up
Pam works just as well as axe. ( I tried it, so its mostly safe)
Actually Gizmo that is very dangerous, because when you let go of the button the flame can go into the bottle mixing with ALL the chemicals inside blowing up, hurting yourself badly
This isn't possible! 1 There is pressure inside the can, if it did puncture the flame would protude outwards. 2 There is no oxygen in the can so it cannot support a fast reaction. If your idea of explode is when the outside is punctured and the flame ignites making a big fireball, thats wrong... the only way that it could properly explode is if there was air in the can.
Actually, only most reactions produce CO2 and H2O. Sometimes it can be done without O2, like Sulfur.
But in this case using hydrocarbons, you need O2 or another oxidising agent (Flurine included) for it to react within the can!<br/>Sulfur cannot burn without an oxidising agent!<br/>Flurine is an oxidiser (S + 3F2 = SF6)<br/>And so is oxygen (S + O2 = SO2)<br/>What are you actualy asking or proposing?<br/>
What I'm saying is that without knowing the exact chemicals in the can, certain assumptions can't be made about the cause of explosions. I personally had my own incident in which the plastic seal around an aerosol can melted somewhat due to the heat, started to leak gas, which hit the flame, creating a large fireball and the force caused the rest of the seal to break and release all the flammable substance after I managed to get it away.
I have a can of Brut surge with me, its an Australian spray deoderant lets have a look at the ingredients: Alchohol (flammable) N-Butane or Butane (flammable) Isobutane (flammable) Propane (flammable) Propylene Glycol (Fuel like sugar) Fragrance (unknown) Nowhere in this list does it state any oxidisers, what im trying to do is stop people believing in the myth that deoderant cans actualy EXPLODE, rather if punctured can make a big flame until it becomes a large fireball. Im open to any critisism :)
See, but what is the top of the can made out of? Plastic is oil based, and will burn if put in a direct flame. When the seal leaks due to heat, the plastic will continue to burn like a flame thrower if you've seen them. This keeps it ready to blow as soon as there's enough of a leak. Although, metal also conducts heat well, and if the flame heats the can, the gas's pressure will normally be about 20 times as many cubic centimeters as it is kelvin.
Yeah I agree with the Fireball theory but Explosions are impossible, has anyone died from shrapnel wounds due to a deoderant can? "the gas's pressure will normally be about 20 times as many cubic centimeters as it is kelvin" (I don't understand what your saying)
In an ideal gas, the volume is 20x the temperature in kelvin. As the temperature rises the pressure in the can increases by that much. At some point, the weakened seal will give to the increased pressure causing a fireball that will look like an explosion, it's not because there isn't compression. Although this could propel the can away, causing people who see it to think that it was blown up.
0 degrees celcius is 273 kelvin. room temperature is 293 kelvin. you telling me that the difference in gas volume is 400 times between 0 degrees celcius and room temperature? go put an empty bottle in the freezer and see if it implodes due to a 400 times pressure decrease. secondly, tombini is correct about oxidisers not being present in the can. air cannot get into to can to form an air fuel mixture. combustion can only take place outside the can.
First of all, gas is not as limited in it's volume as solids or liquids, you can pressurize or depressurize, it is the ideal volume. Second, I said that the fuel seal fails and allows the gas to mix with the air near the opening, not necessarily inside the can, and causes a large blast. Why don't you prove me wrong, and post a video of it if your so sure of the safety.
it might increase the size of the flame, but since the gas exiting the can is not contained, explosion is not possible. a rapid increase in flame size may give the appearance of an explosion, but you are in no danger of it blowing your hand off. its the same concept with firebreathing. my lips do not get hot when i do fire breathing. if they do, your doing it very wrong. the pressure of the gas leaving the can will keep the flame away, unless you have it tilted. secondly, the seal is way back from the hole. take the can apart and look how the gas is released. you press the inner straw down to release gas. the valve is inside the can. you cant melt that. thirdly, to increase the amound of gas leaving the can you would have to widen the ENTIRE delivery system, else the gas would bottle neck somewhere along the tubing. forthly, and something that so far has not been mentioned, when you release a large amount of deoderant from a can, the can gets cold. this is a similar principle to how fridge cooling works (expansion and compression of gas, look it up on wiki/howstuffworks.com) as the gas is released, heat inside the can is released to the atmosphere, cooling the can. i will post a video if someone sends me a can of deoderant, since i am totally skint right now. i have no food in the fridge or the cupboards and im at uni. my student loan hasnt come through, and im already up to my overdraft limit. i have £40 in my wallet to last me 2 weeks until i get my student loan through. wish me luck!
Good luck with that, all I can say is to post a video to finally put this to rest.
It <strong>can</strong> explode; a video has already been posted. Have you heard of Mythbusters?<br/><br/>Look <div style="margin-left:15px;"> <object width="425" height="344"><param name="movie" value="http://www.youtube.com/v/Hcx5k2Wk6Xk"></param><param name="wmode" value="transparent"></param><embed src="http://www.youtube.com/v/Hcx5k2Wk6Xk" type="application/x-shockwave-flash" width="425" height="344" wmode="transparent"></embed></object></div>here.<br/>
OH FOR GOODNESS SAKE! thats putting it IN A FIRE!!!!! (breathe, calm down. do what the shrink you employed to help you recover from this argument told you to do.... i feel better) I know putting a can of deoderant in a fire will cause an explosion, ive never said it wouldnt, what im saying is that lighting a spray will not cause the flame to jump down the nozzle into the can and cause the liquid inside to burn and explode. its simply not possible. you can see the cans all rupture from the increased pressure BEFORE they ignite. and dont you dare say "oh but the heat from the flame could cause the pressure to build while your spraying it", because if you look at the temperature of that camp fire, im pretty sure your hand would be a nice pool of melted and burnt goo long before the can ruptures.
Oh, yes, it's much more unlikely - but still possible. Notice: I never said &quot;ignite&quot;, I just said &quot;explode&quot; - as in <a rel="nofollow" href="http://www.merriam-webster.com/dictionary/explode">here</a> (intransitive verb, definition 1) - and it could also be called &quot;rupture&quot;.<br/>
Well, I usually use the term explode for any large fireball, especially if it can cause me harm. The fuel air mixture of the rupturing, perfect word, would be in my opinion an explosion, not because it's contained, but because the constant addition of the output gas would make it grow.
baisicaly the metal softens alowing the non ignightet gasses to escape which .-.then.-. ignight
Well, look at my explanation, and email mythbusters for a myth review.
NOOOOO! All that beer! *sob*
Hooray for mythbusters, I told you people, but the question that was stated was more about if just using it to shoot flame will blow it up.
**273.15 kelvin
isnt there a law that states that when heated a gas will expand?
Exactly, that is what I said.
but what your forgetting is that there is a massive pressure release through the valve of the can so no heating of the can could possibly make the gas expand back to the pressure it was when it was first filled completely and double that because most cans are only filled to half there fail pressure. if you guys don't believe me get out a lighter, buy a bran new can of deodorant and use it as a flamethrower until it runs out. u will still have your hand cause it wont explode and the can will not be hot.
one flame source + 1 aerosol can with flammable contents + a well placed shot from a pellet gun = satisfying fireball and a safe distance. I actually had a few explode and one roll away very quickly with a giant flame propelling it!<br/>
I never had this happen to me but I see what you mean.
combustion requires oxygen, there is no oxygen inside the axe can. The worst that can happen is your valves melt, releasing a greater amount of the axe
i thought of that(it could still explode from the gases expanding all at once)
It would not explode, but it would create a sort of fire-torch (assuming your valves melted). Still something you generally wouldn't want to be holding.
also, the flamable crap inside the can is under pressure, so the flame wouldnt be able to get its ass back in the can to blow up.
those cans can only hold so much pressure before it burst& once the can burst then it blows up
There is no additional pressure being put into the can. Stop arguing, you fail.
when you heat the can up the gas tries to expand even more doubling the pressure already in the can(didnt you read the "do not subject to flame" on the can?)
the cans not getting hot tho is it!! the valve is preventing it from getting anywhere near the can!!! pick up a lighter, light it. is your hand melting yet? no, COS THE FlAME AINT IN THE BLOODY LIGHTER IS IT! common sense mate, this is just an oversized lighter. they dont blow up in your hand. its running the same gas, just more of it.
sorry i was talking about if you put it in a fire(though you forgot that metal is a better heat conductor then plastic;)
the heat from the flame will heat up all the surrounds, the gas expanding when exiting the can will cool itself and the surroundings. there is a difference in pressure so the flame cant "force" itself into the can and neither can O2 (oxygen), the can is a metal thus a good conductor of heat and a good radiator of heat so the heat will be transferred to a cooler body due to the laws of thermodynamics thus it will transfer to the air on the other side of the can as it is cooler than on the side where the flame is. and finaly if the valve was to melt in some freakish circumstances there would just be an increase in the flow of the fuel out of the can. this would cause a much bigger flame as there is more fuel to burn but it would not be an explosion. the only change of a real explosion with a pressurized spray can is if you use up all of the gas possible making the pressure equal therefore the oxygen in the air and the fuel will be able to mix together inside the can (if the valve was melted or removed) and only then would it cause an explosion if there was an external ignition source. i.e. a lighter. and because once there is no pressure difference between the can and the atmosphere it will no longer function as a flame thrower and u would most likely just through it out thus a aerosol can will never explode in any normal circumstances involving an external ignition source i.e. making a flame thrower.
Keep in mind, "explode" and "ignite" are two different things.
how can it cool down if it is in the MIDDLE of a fire
plus the compressed gas in the can gets compressed more (isn't there a law stating when a gas is heated up it expands) and then it pops like a over compressed balloon
its not in the middle of a fire, the fire isn't even touching the can if u look closely there is a gap between the gas exit point and where it starts to burn, this buffer is where the gas mixes with the oxygen in the air to burn. and yes when a gas is heated it expands but the gas in the can isn't getting heated the gas burning is putting out energy in the form of heat and is therefore getting hot. not the can. also as i stated before any heat that would be transferred to the can either in the form of infrared radiation or any other radiation would would seek out the cooler areas because of the laws of thermodynamics. therefore it would seek out the other side of the can where it is colder. and as metal is also a good radiator as well as a conductor of heat and the air is colder than the warmed part of the can the heat would be radiated into the air. added to this the cooling effect of the gas exiting the can and therefore expanding and therefore also cooling its surroundings the can would remain cool. therefore the can would not have a pressure build up and will not "pop" like a balloon
thankyou, people talking sense. well done patch.
a lighter will blow up if you put it in a fire (if you notetist the lighter has a metal spout which the gas excapes cause if it wasn't metal the flam will melt its way to the plastic fuel container then boom
It will blow up same as a propane torch if the seal leaks. I have seen both, I was using a propane torch and the seal started leaking so I threw it in the yard about 3 seconds before it blew the hell up. It was cool and all but I could be dead, seeing as it left a 6 inch deep hole in the ground.

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