Introduction: Easy Flamethrower

Hello Friends!

In this Instructable i'll show you how to make a really easy flamethrower using household items at home.

All you need for this project is:

  • Deodorant
  • Lighter
  • Rubber band

Have fun!

Step 1: Mounting the Rubber Band

Picture of Mounting the Rubber Band

Take the rubber band and put it around the deodorant aerosol.

Step 2: Mount the Lighter

Picture of Mount the Lighter

Now take the lighter and mount it to the deodorant aerosol using the rubber band.

The rubber band supposed to be on the pusher.

Step 3: Ready!

Picture of Ready!

Now the flamthrower is ready, easy isn't it?

Ignite the lighter and activate flamethrower by spraying the deodorant.

Watch video for testing results!!


Random Gadget Hacks (author)2017-01-22

Doesn't the rubber band slowly spray all the butane out of the lighter

yes, hot glueing the lighter, and wrapping the band around the can and moving it for each use would solve this issue

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