Picture of Easy Fleece Blanket with Satin Edges
This is a super easy way to make a finished looking blanket or throw similar to this.  You can really customize your color scheme for any decor and is also a great way to make blankets for new babies for a personal touch and kids have a lot of fun picking out their own blanket and binding colors to express their personal style!  As for me, I just found this super soft mustache fabric and bought all that was left on the bolt to make this blanket!
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Step 1: Things you will need

Picture of Things you will need
You will need:
-fabric, however much you want depending on the size of your blanket.  I like to use polar fleece types of fabrics, but I have also used flannel for thinner blankets.
-Blanket binding, enough to go around the entire edge of the blanket.  You should be able to find blanket binding at fabric stores, but if you can't find any, you can use satin ribbon, at least 2 inches wide.  Iron the ribbon so it has a crease down the center and it becomes blanket binding!
-sewing machine (I guess you could do it without a machine, but it would take ages)
-pins, lots and lots of pins

Step 2: Prepare your fabric

Picture of Prepare your fabric
First, wash and dry your fabric according to the instructions.  If it is wrinkly and able to be ironed, you should probably iron it.
Sometimes when you buy fabric, it can be cut at an angle or it gets stretched out and will not be in a perfect parallelogram.  If that's what you're going for, then go ahead to the next step, but if you want a square or rectangular blanket, take the time to make sure all the sides line up evenly.  Do this after you wash (and iron) your fabric.  Give the cut off pieces of fabric to your cat.
Badmamajana made it!9 months ago
I made mine x-tra cozy by using 2 layers of fleece.

Aw, love it! I'll have to use two layers on my next one!

vivi1210 months ago
OMG I love this idea it is amazing thanks 4 the idea
Danger is my middle name (author)  vivi1210 months ago

You're very welcome! If you make it, post a picture!

evaGood1 year ago
I made that at my house : I LOVE IT

You should post a picture!

This is a great alternative to those tie edges. Thanks:)
Yeah, the tie edges are great if you don't have a sewing machine, but I think that this way of doing it give a much cleaner finished look.
zombiecow1 year ago
I have a nephew on the way and I will definitely be doing this! Thank you for the great idea :D
These are great baby gifts! I've made so many!
HollyMann1 year ago
Great job - I love the edges on it - makes it look really nice!