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Introduction: Easy Fleece Poncho

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Ok, I live in Florida and everyone probably thinks that it doesn't get too cold down here. I am here to say that I freeze when the weather drops below 70. It really doesn't get cold enough for boots and snow suits, so this poncho is perfect and keeps me warm on those chilly nights in Florida.

I wish I could show you this on someone, but it was pretty hard to take a picture of myself wearing it. I didn't realize that this contest was going on until the last minute. Hope you enjoy and make this for yourself some day. It's pretty easy.

Materials Needed:
Sewing machine
1 yard of each Fleece Fabric ( outside layer and inside layer )
Scissors or Rotary knife
Straight Pins

Step 1: Making Square

Make a big square by laying your fabric out flat, then take one corner and fold it up to the edge of the fabric like this. Make sure that the fabric isn't bunched up underneath.

Step 2: Cutting Away Additional Fabric

After you fold the fabric, cut along the edge with scissors or rotary cutter to remove the extra fabric. You should now have a big square of fabric. Once you have finished with one color, you can measure the color to this one. Now when you cut the contrast color you will have to square the same size.

Step 3: Making Neck Hole

Fold fleece in half both lengthwise and crosswise. Lay the folded fabric so that it looks like a big triangle. Measure down, from the point, 3 inches ( the picture shows 4") and cut straight across.

Repeat this step with both colors.

I cut this one at 4 inches, but I really didn't like how big the hole was when I was done. Your can always cut more off if you don't like the 3 inch opening.

Step 4: Pin Fabrics Together

Lay fabric out with outsides together and pin the corners and outside edges together all the way around your poncho to keep them from shifting while you sew.

Step 5: Time to Sew

You can use a sewing machine or if you would like, you can use a serger for this step.
Either way you decide is fine.
If you use the sewing machine method, be sure to cut the corners so that when you turn your fabric, your corners with be sharper and the fabric won't bunch up in the corner.

Step 6: Turn and Top Stitch

Turn you poncho right side out by inserting your had between the fabrics at the neck area. Reach in and grab each corner and pull through the neck area.
After all corners are out and the fabric is straightened out again, top stitch all the way around your poncho. You can use a standard straight stitch or dress it up a bit with a design stitch if your machine will allow that.

Step 7: Hem the Neck Hole

Lay your fabric back out on the table, but this time fold it in half so that the neck hole is squared.
Measure out one inch from the corner in a diagonal line.
Now fold the top fabric under and the bottom fabric up so that not raw edges are showing.
Pin all the way around the collar, repeating the above step.
Once you have it all pinned, top stitch around the neck hole.

Step 8: Finish UP

Ok well like I said on step 3, I cut the hole a bit too big and I had to alter my design a little bit. I took a strip of the inside fabric and sewed it on to the front at the neck like. Then I cut a couple holes in the fleece ( love fleece for this reason ) and threaded the fabric through. Then I tired it together in a big bow on the front. I think it turned out really cute.

By the way, so did my neighbor. She came by right after I made it and fell in love with it. Well I figured I could always make another one so I gave it to her. Then when she went home I thought "Darn It, I could have used her for a model ". Oh well, just my luck.

Anyway, I hope you enjoyed my instructable. Thank You for looking.



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    14 Discussions

    How would you do this if you wanted the front & back longer and the sides to be just l9ng enough to cover the arms from the elbow up?


    2 years ago

    Ilove the poncho ican not wait make my own thank you pam

    question if making for a youngster (1yr) how much fleece would you use ?


    2 years ago

    Wonderful idea! I found out yesterday that my daughter needs an Indian costume for Awana tonight. I happened to have some brown knit fabric in my sewing box, so I cut it into a square and made a quick poncho for her (no sewing -- yay!) and printed a quick headdress. Less than 15 minutes' work and no shopping! :)

    I love ponchos! They are so cute and are warm too! It is surprising to me how warm these are compared to how they look.

    1 reply

    I know, right. Especially when you double up the fabric. Then curl up in a little ball and hide inside. lol

    I should snipe at you by pointing out that to a native New Yorker (Syracuse, to be precise), 70+ degrees can be considered "hot" in any season other than summer (when it becomes "refreshingly cool"), but I think I'll take the moral high ground here...(although one layer of fleece is like wearing tissue paper up here...and cold doesn't register here until its -10 or lower...and snow drifts taller than most basketball players are the norm...etc...etc...)

    I kid (not about the weather though...sad facts of life there), and in fact I really like this idea - as a kid, I used to just rip holes for my head in fleece blankets (since my family has very little talent in the seamstress department), but this looks nice and comfy (for when it hits 20 degrees here...haha). Kudos on a nice piece!

    (If you ever feel the need to move somewhere cold, for god's sake don't move to Syracuse...for some reason, we've been flooded lately with Floridians who just come to "experience the snow", as many put it...you will be ostracized as a lunatic by the locals...seriously...haha)

    2 replies

    LOL , trust me, I had my shore of snow. Born and raised until 13 in Michigan. Ya all can have all the snow. We just got a bunch of 'Snow Birds' as we call them, down here that are kinda tired of it too.

    I remember doing something like that as a kid too. I forgot about that.
    Thanks for the memory jog.

    Haha much better - as long as you have properly suffered through winter, I can accept your rationale for this design. I'm actually tempted now to make something like this for my kid sister - she gets cold easily due to poor circulation, and loves garments like this. Too bad I didn't see this before her birthday...

    I think this is a really nice idea and it came out really cute! I'm in Cali and I get cold all the time too, despite the weather. I think it never hurts to have something like this around just in case :)

    1 reply

    I live in northeast florida and I have to agree with you, we are acclimated to a warmer temp so when it drops to 70 it feels cold and a 40defreeze day is snowsuit time! My brother teases me that it's tshirt weather, on the other hand I bug him when he complains its hot when its ONLY 102 with low humidity.

    My daughter has made several coverings similar to yours, hers are single layer and more of a wrap with a front opening and pockets. I like the double layer idea and I'm going to send her a link..

    1 reply

    Yeah my brother is down right now visiting and running around in shorts at night while I hide in my sweats. He laughs too.

    Thank you for sharing