Introduction: Easy Flyback Driver

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This is an easy to make Flyback driver that can produce arcs of high voltage electricity, even plasma! I built this driver entirely out of parts from an old tv that my friend and I took apart a few weeks ago, with the exception of the mounting board and the wire nuts.

Step 1: What You Will Need

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1x Flyback Transformer
You can get these from any old CRT monitor or tv.

1x C5440 high voltage switching transistor
For high voltage switching- obviously

1x heat sink for the transistor

1x 220ish ohm resistor

1x 20 ish ohm resistor

Magnet wire for the primary and feedback coils

Braided wire for connections

Assorted mounting paraphernalia

Step 2: Preparing the Flyback Transformer

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With some magnet wire, wind a primary (15ish wraps) and a secondary (10ish wraps) around the ferrite core of the transformer THE SAME DIRECTION. Then strip the insulation off the end of the largest wire coming out the top of the transformer. This is the HV out.

Step 3: Assembling the Circuit

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Assemble the circuit according to the following diagram. I found it easiest and neatest to solder braided wires to everything and then run the wires together in pairs and triples. A few things to keep in mind
Always check for continuity in each part before assembling the entire circuit
Never work on a circuit while any part of it is live
Learn to solder well before working with sensitive electronics
Keep one hand in your pocket at all times when using high voltage

Step 4: Finding the HV Negative

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To fond the HV negative, power the circuit and move the HV positive around all of the pins on the bottom of the device. One will arc to the pin much more than the rest. This is the HV negative. When you have found the HV negative solder a wire to it to allow easier access.

Step 5: Enjoy!

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Have fun, be safe, and impress your friends!


willi1131 (author)2014-09-02

Well done! If you use the intern primary and feedback coils ( just find them with a multimeter) the arcs go up to 4 cm :D

AlejandroE (author)willi11312014-09-04

Willi, how do I find the pins for the internal coils? I tried with a multimeter but I get several pins with less than 1 ohm between them

PlasmaGuy101 (author)AlejandroE2015-09-01

use the highest resistance winding as the primary and the lowest resistance one as the feedback

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