Picture of Easy Folding Tri-pod

Thanks for taking a look at my instructible! This is my Easy Folding Tri-pod which is great for making clearer pictures and isn't impossibly difficult to make. It also folds for easier storage and when opened locks itself in the open position automatically!

That's a bit more commercial than usual maybe a little background will explain better.....

I actually got this idea from another instructable in the photography section about how to make it appear that you were flying. It was cool and inspiring, so I got out my camera and being cheap I set it on the table with a timer...... you get the picture. Anyway it ended up that I turned the camera just a little making the editing mission impossible. So I built this tri-pod so I could make pictures like in the other instructable. Funny how things go sometimes.

Anyway shall we start? 
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Step 1: The Legs

Picture of The Legs
Well as boring as it may be you got to start with structure. The legs are pretty simply built there can be more reinforcement in the legs if you prefer, but I was going for the least amount of pieces possible.

As far as the construction, you will need to start by creating half of the leg. I broke it down into thirds so it's easier to understand what it needs to look like. After you complete one side of the leg you need to snap in the blue rods that hold it together. Look at the image notes if you need reference about where they should be located.

After you finished this step, give yourself a pat on the back and repeat this step another two times!
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heeeeey. thats cool but do any of you guys make knex guns :D
JonnyBGood (author)  turdus_migratus1 year ago
Knex guns are good to. I prefer making other things from time to time.
does it take a pic
JonnyBGood (author)  coolananias1011 year ago
=) Well..... One does.
can you go on www.virtual family it's a virtual world so i can talk to you
does it take a pic
does it take a pic
hey jonny remaber me you emailed me remaber i im going to cry
JonnyBGood (author)  coolananias1011 year ago
I'm not sure what you're hinting at here....
Haha, nice one. Great for people with no tripods! :)
JonnyBGood (author)  PotatoCoffee1 year ago
Thanks, I didn't have one either until I made it. I am still planning to use mine for an ible eventually.
I have a camera, a giant box of k'nex, and 0 tripods. This is why I was so thrilled to see this tutorial!

I went ahead and built one for myself, and it is surprisingly versatile. I even took a picture, just for you. (:
JonnyBGood (author)  Darkscanner1 year ago
Wow, thanks for showing me! Glad it worked well for you.
good hail Mary maverick shot man!
JonnyBGood (author)  nerfrocketeer1 year ago
Thank you! Would have been better if I didn't hit my head afterwards.
Yes. But hopefully "photoshop made it easier and less painful." :)

P.s. your friends channels are... Interesting. Lord of the rings, ponies, ect... :D :p
JonnyBGood (author)  nerfrocketeer1 year ago
Yes, yes there channels are interesting. That's why I love being a k'nexer. I met alot of awesome and interesting people here.
XD, BTW, now we know what you look like...and dr. richtofen...and Sharir1701...and yeah. Anyway, now that we know what you look like, we can hunt you down. XD
Lol I know what all of those people look like except for the dr. richtofen. Also, The Dunkis and Kenitic
Yeah.. Right.... Have fun hunting through the vast snowy plains of Indiana!
=D Well, I think I'll stay at home until summer, and when summer comes, you'd better be watching for shadows. XD (BTW, I'm totally teasing)
Yeah I know. No worries..... (looks over shoulder)
Hey bro! Congrats on the featured instructable! I wonder how you did it? I have tried making something using the general checklist for any featured instructable from Kiteman, but I guess I did not pull it off. Well, the tripod looks nice, although it is a bit bulky. I don't see how you attache a camera to the tripod itself? Happy building. =D

-The Red Book of Westmarch
As for how to attach the camera basically pieces get are slid down so they touch all four sides of the bottom part of the camera, keeping it from moving. I couldn't demonstrate because I only have one camera. ( and I can't take pictures with the knex one!)
Alright, cool bro. Again, happy building! =D
www1392 years ago
Nice! Looks sturdy, and not to piece consuming. Good instructions too.
Keep it up
JonnyBGood (author)  dr. richtofen2 years ago
Thanks, and will do!
Also, congrats on being featured!
No problem =D
Great! Epic nerf gun shot :p
JonnyBGood (author)  sandroknexmaster2 years ago
Thanks! Not a big fan of acctually diving head long into a chair but photoshop makes everything easier, and less painful.
Haha :D
JonnyBGood (author)  sandroknexmaster2 years ago
Are you working on anything?
Aha maybe :p
JonnyBGood (author)  sandroknexmaster2 years ago
Alright then, can't wait to see it!
Tendo_club2 years ago
Could you make it out metal?
JonnyBGood (author)  Tendo_club2 years ago
Me? Not right now... but I am learning how to weld, so I may be able to eventually, until then I'll stick to Knex.
Cool man! Wish i had the K'nex for it though... Maybe challenge yourself with a K'nex Steadicam Next!
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