Do you ever find yourself doing an oil change and spilling oil for lack of a funnel?
Have you ever misplaced your funnel?
Tired of paying for cheap funnels?

Have I got the project for you. All it takes is an empty oil container and a knife! Voila instant funnel.

Step 1: Cut the Funnel

Cut the bottom off of your EMPTY quart bottle.

Step 2: Use the Funnel

Insert the funnel and pour away.

Step 3: Save the Funnel

good one! nice, simple, easy, cheap as you can get..and will work great. now thats what i call a good tip...thanks
this is great!
FYI, "viola" is a violin-like stringed instrument, "voila" is a French word which literally means "see there" but has been bastardized by Americans to mean "as if by magic".
Oooo! Those Americans!
Thanks for learned me! Have fixed my mistake to use the incorrect correct word.
Very neat but does it really fit in your pocket?
If you have baggy pants like me it does :).
Awesome easy solution!

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