I know what you're thinking: who would undertake the daunting task of painting furniture when ikea is alive and kicking? Well, if you're reading this Instructable, likes are you've overcome this internal debate!

Painting furniture can breath life back into a boring piece, as well as make a big impact without making a big dent in your wallet. The options and styles are as endless as you are unique.

In this tutorial, I revive an awkward green bedside table into a Art Deco beauty using primer and spray paint.

Just a couple of reminders before we get started:
Make sure you follow the directions on your paint canister. But some rules apply to all furniture painting/staining:
- ALWAYS paint in a well ventilated area (I moved my table outside for this reason)
- If you feel light headed or dazed because of the paint fumes, stop immediately.
- Always spray a small, inconspicuous area of your furniture piece to see how it reacts to the paint.

Step 1: Prepping

1- Clean the furniture piece with a damp cloth. For what you may think is a clean table, may in fact have tons of dust on it.

2- Remove any and all hardware. The last thing you want is to have hardware that is stuck on to your piece, glued on by the paint you apply. If you want to also paint your hardware, simply remove it and place on a drop cloth to prime and paint separately.
<p>I think black would have been really cool with the mirrored inserts too. Full disclosure, I am biased because I took an ugly old 80's coffee table ($5 or $10 at a local store) and painted it satin black and then took an old bathroom mirror and had it cut down to replace the regular glass inserts (which I broke on accident). End result was a very modern looking table that when I was done using it, was happily re-homed. I probably spent way more than I should have... but it was fun.</p>
I liked both?
<p>&gt;I know what you're thinking: who would undertake the daunting task of painting furniture when ikea is alive and kicking?</p><p>Silly silly silly me (long story).</p>
And thank you I needed this!
I liked it after.
I liked it before

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