Easy Garden Pagoda





Introduction: Easy Garden Pagoda

This is my first Instructable and I look forward to all of your comments.

I wanted to add a garden pagoda to our bamboo garden but was amazed by how much they cost.

I decided to make my own for under $25.

Step 1: Collect Your Parts

Here's what you need to make one just like mine but I would encourage you to be creative and and experiment on your own. When you're done it will stand about 35" tall.

2 16"x16" square pewter stepping stones

4 4"x4"x4" wood (pressure treated may last longer)

1 12"x12" grey stepping stone

1 6"x8"x8" concrete half cinder block

1 8"x8"x8" concrete half cinder block

1 16"x24" slate patio stone

1 9"x12" tumbled paver

1 6"x6" tumbled paver

6 Roundish rocks (found in my front yard)

With the exception of the 4x4 pieces of wood that I had left over from the deconstruction of a pallet, all of these items were purchased at a big box home improvement store. I'm sure you'll recognize the one. I actually built the pagoda on the cart inside the store to see what it would look like before I brought it home.

Step 2:

Decide where you want to put your pagoda and set the first 16"x16" square pewter stepping stone. Use a level to make sure it is level. If it is not, your pagoda may not be stable when you get to the last step and may lean.

Now it's just a matter of stacking the parts.

Here's the order from bottom to top.

16"x16" square pewter stepping stone. (This is the one that needs to be level.)

4 4"x4"x4" wood

12"x12" grey stepping stone

6"x8"x8" concrete half cinder block

16"x16" square pewter stepping stone

8"x8"x8" concrete half cinder block

16"x24" slate patio stone

9"x12" tumbled paver

6"x6" tumbled paver

large rock

smaller rock

1 smaller rock on each corner of the roof

Thanks for looking and good luck!



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Very nicely done. Just a shame you couldn't have posted this one a couple of weeks ago when I was looking for something for my Dad's Garden.

The Stone Lantern or "Toro" which this ornament resembles has some very interesting traditions associated with it. Not least the progression of elements from "Earth" through "Water", "Fire" and "Air" to "Spirit" represented by the pointed finial on the top.

You might like to check out THIS other Instructable on a similar project...


Thank your for your comment! And thank you for the history lesson. Very interesting.

I was not aware of the history. I checked out the link you posted. What a great idea to at a light to the "Toro". I will definitely do that and re-post the project.

Here's an update to my easy garden pagoda. I replaced the top cinder block with the globe to an outdoor light I found at a thrift store. I think it adds to the look. I will put a light in it when I find one that I think is appropriate.


How about using some of the square land scape blocks instead of the wood if you are worried about stability? We don't get many earthquakes in NY but we HAVE had a few--one of which cracked my entire upstairs plaster and one of which--in a different and much newer house---cracked my foundation. So I would also want to adhere and use a non-rotting substance---we get a LOT of snow which would look beautiful on this!

Between those consideration and errant dogs and chickens and kids--and severe rain storms---I would def use an adhesive!

Great idea tho! And I would be happy to do a "Wife to Wife" comment if you like!

You don't mind if I don't shop at Agent Orange tho do you?

Fantastic! I wish I'd been at the store when you were building this in the aisle - I bet you got a few curious looks! I absolutely plan to build one, and I sure appreciate you sharing this wonderfully creative use of commonly found items!

Thank you! It was kind of funny. One lady stopped and looked at it for a while and said it looked like art. I agreed.

Great idea and really beautiful. I'm lucky. We have several lots the city uses for dumping old bricks, cobblestones, dirt, gravel, rocks, cinder blocks, tree limbs, etc and I try to go by there at least once a week to forage for whatever I need or want. I've just about collected enough brick and cobblestones to widen the path to my door. I've also used odd pieces of concrete as garden ornaments or to demarcate a bed of whatever flowers or make a raised bed. It really adds an urban feel to our garden which is the entire front yard. We've intermixed ornamentals w/ veggies and it looks really nice. People don't much notice the veggies unless they get out to look and they like the idea of intertwining the two. Also some flowers are good for getting rid of unwanted insects and attracting good ones, like honey bees and butterflies and hummingbirds which all are good for pollination. Keep sending in your ideas. I really like and have bamboo too. Wild Whippet Woman

Thanks! I hope you build it and send me a picture!

wow! this looks amazing! but i cant put it in my garden because im just 10 years old and i love asian stuff but my parents are not interested so they cant put :C but anyways when i have my own garden im sure to place this epic piece of art in my garden!

HI Colettestilton,

Thank you for your comment! This project appeals to people of all ages. I'm glad you like the pagoda. If you build this project make sure you have an adult help because some of the stones are very heavy.

Thank you again.