Picture of Easy Guitar Art
Want to give your guitar a new look but don't want to spend ANY money at all?  Wellyou've come to the right place.

With some time and effort, you will get the results as shown below

It took me around 1-2 hours to do this

Step 1: Gathering the materials

Picture of Gathering the materials
Materials are:

-A Guitar
-Masking Tape
-Glue(Any office/home glue would do)
-A4 Paper
-Permanant Marker
-A piece of junk cloth
ms.moth5 years ago
Lovely! I wish i had thought about stencilling when i re-vamped my guitar!

pagosapig5 years ago
spiffy. I like it. I think I will do this as soon as a get a new guitar.
Thanks, good job.
toakhong (author)  pagosapig5 years ago
 thank you :)
pzy15 years ago

ellow all,i know speaking inglish abit's..sorry ya my language...

firstly i wan to know wt paper when we wan start to print the picture..paper  A4 common we use when wan print ka or different paper.

toakhong (author)  pzy15 years ago
 Hi, for me I used common A4 paper. But pretty much any kind of paper could be used
lemonie5 years ago
If you're cutting the design out - had you thought of using a stencil and paint instead?

toakhong (author)  lemonie5 years ago
Well no, won't it smudge?
It wouldn't smudge if done carefully. Just a thought.