Step 7: And there you have it....

There you have it... please comment and rate =)
Lovely! I wish i had thought about stencilling when i re-vamped my guitar!<br> <br>
spiffy. I like it. I think I will do this as soon as a get a new guitar.<br /> Thanks, good job.<br />
&nbsp;thank you :)
<p>ellow all,i&nbsp;know&nbsp;speaking inglish abit's..sorry ya my language...<br /> <br /> firstly i wan to&nbsp;know wt paper when we wan start to print the picture..paper&nbsp; A4 common we use when wan print ka or different paper.<br /> &nbsp;</p>
&nbsp;Hi, for me I used common A4 paper. But pretty much any kind of paper could be used
If you're cutting the design out - had you thought of using a stencil and paint instead?<br /> <br /> L<br />
Well no, won't it smudge?<br />
It wouldn't smudge if done carefully. Just a thought.<br /> <br /> L<br />

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