Easy Guitar Pick Dispenser





Introduction: Easy Guitar Pick Dispenser

Very simple and effective 3d printed pick dispenser!

Step 1: Download/Print

Download these STL files and 3d Print each piece

Step 2: Trim Plastic

The pieces will most likely have excess or rough plastic. Trim the excess off so the pieces look nice and clean.

Step 3: Treat With Acetone

  1. Grab a paper towel and pour a little acetone on to the paper towel
  2. Wrap up the pieces in this paper towel
  3. Let sit for an hour or so to smooth the plastic

Step 4: Attach Spring

  1. Grab a basic spring from an old pen
  2. Cut spring in half
  3. Hot glue to base of holder and platform

Step 5: Attach Top

Hot glue the top onto the holder and you are good to go!



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