Easy Hack: Nintendo Phone





Introduction: Easy Hack: Nintendo Phone

Make FREE international & local phone calls with your nintendo and a wifi connection! I'll show you how easy it is! Who needs an iphone?!



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    I'll stick with pictochat for now.

    Really that vid doesn't work on my iPad

    apperently everyone. there is no video for this. hmmmm maybe it is just my computer?

    no video?????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????

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    Non of his vids work on my ipad :(

    "Who needs an iPhone?" People who don't have wi-fi hotspots everywhere.

    oops i mean new

    make ne vid doesnt work

    the vidio dosent work

    it burnt out my ds!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! this instructable stinks!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Is there a way to get Office Word into DS format or something like that? Too a book reading 3D Flash Flip based Album reader/viewer to read your favorite PDF books or something like that???? Can other call your DS??? How to get Iphone into DS? How to link xbox gamertag with bungie its impossible for me in any way i cant download anything do my 360 need to be conected to my router first?

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    It's not letting me download the app can you upload on this?

    Word of warning... If you get the R4 make sure you are ready to search for a ton of files on the internet. I am a huge fan of R4 but it is hard to get the files. Also the R4 sometimes doesn't work. You just have to take it in and out of the DS until it works. Great Instructable!!!!

    AH-HEM! I need an iPhone, thank you very much. I don't need more negative comments about the 3G, thanks. GRRR.... Good concept though.

    where can i get these components? this is AWESOME!

    The cyclo ds is supposed to be the best for like Nintendo hacks (although it is more expensive than all others)

    #1 son has a "games and music" card for his DSlite. It has a micro SD card to carry the information. Will that do the same thing as the R4?