Easy Hair Bows!





Introduction: Easy Hair Bows!

I love making cute little hair bows!! My friends wonder how I make them so.. Here's how!!
Things you need:
- glue gun
- ribbon or felt ( how much you want plus 2 in.)
- ruler
- scissors
- another piece of ribbon or felt ( around 3 inches is good)

Step 1: Pick Fabric

For this bow I'm using ribbon but usually it's easier with felt because it doesn't fray. You choose!

Step 2: Turn on Glue Gun!

Mine preheats for 5 minutes, don't overheat it.

Step 3: Pick the Length of Ribbon!

I want my bow to be 2 inches long. Later you will fold in the edges so, add 2 inches. ( I have four)Then cut it.

Step 4: Fold Each Side a Inch In

You want to next fold each side of the bow a inch in towards the center. Then glue with a small line of glue. Make sure to do this on the opposite side of the bow.

Step 5: Make Middle Piece

Cut your 3 inch piece ( if not cut). Then flip it over. Next, add a long strand of hot glue in the center. Fold one side over. Then, add another strand of glue. Then fold the other side. Flip, and there!! You completed your middle!!

Step 6: Putting It All Together!

Scrunch up the bow. Then add a little glue on the middle piece. Wrap that around. Then, cut of the excess middle piece. Add a little glue to close it off. To add a hair tie, put a drop of glue on the hair tie. Then, stick that on the bow too!!
There, you are done!!
Ps. Also works as bracelet!!
- EmiClarice <3



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    12 Discussions

    So simple and so cute!!

    Yes they are! Thanks!

    Looks amazing! I love making bows at home because the ones in the store are soooooo expensive

    You are so kind lilgraceann! There will be more tutorials like this soon!

    Thanks Abigail02! I didn't think I would have so many great comments on this tutorial!

    Too cute! That looks awsome!

    Okay! Thanks for checking this out momoluv! Just so you know I think your tutorials are some of the best ones out there!

    I like this. I might put this in the next momo's shoutout Sunday! But do keep in mind I cannot do everybody but I would like to do this very much thank you for following me if it's not next Sunday, it'll be soon after that!


    Thank you so much!! You are so sweet sunshiine!!

    You did a great write up on this instructable. Looking forward to seeing more! Have a beautiful day!