Picture of Easy Halloween Basket Decoration

I'm super excited about this project- And I think it turned out really well in the end!
These Halloween Baskets are great decorations, or for substitute "Goody Bags" at a kids party. (They could even decorate the baskets as part of the party- too!) They are also good just as decorations or props.

I got the baskets from here:

You can also get them from here....

I hope you enjoy this instructable! :)

Step 1: Materials:

Picture of Materials:
Wooden Basket


(stamps, glitter, paint, tinsel, sequins, paint pens, permanant markers or felt tips, foam shapes, ribbon, glow in the dark paint or glitter, fake bugs, fake blood, ect... Anything spooky!!!)
wirralMG3 years ago
Brilliant decoration, I'm going to get my daughter to try this. Thanks for uploading and I've voted for you in the contest... good Luck!
Neon Panda (author)  wirralMG3 years ago
Thank-you very much :)
Ahh I'm sure she will enjoy doing it- the possibilities are endless :)