Picture of Easy Halloween Pumpkin Carving Tool
This is my first attempt at submitting an Instructable. I decided to go with this super simple, super cheap, and extra tough pumpkin carving tool.

Step 1: Gather the parts

Picture of Gather the parts
The parts list is really simple:
2-4" long piece of copper tubing (I used 1/2")
Course toothed Jigsaw blade

beecroft1 year ago
Good idea! I've been using vice-grips.
FBookhoo1 year ago
This is a really great idea!

Yeah! Me and my dad made two of these (but just jigsaw blades in unfinished wood-scrap handles) and they are THE BEST for carving pumpkins!!! Thanks for spreading the word further!
bptakoma1 year ago
This is great! Try reciprocating saw blades as well. If you don't have copper or epoxy around, you could nest the base of the blade in some polymer clay and bake for a sufficient period of time.

Take your extra copper tubing and cut at an angle with a hacksaw. You now have an easy small circle cutter for your pumpkin. Just stick it in and twist around.
ghaines11 year ago
This is ingenious and a wonderful thing to share with everyone. Well done!
lalegría1 year ago
Note that using typical rosin flux, the solder is unlikely to adhere well to the metal of the steel blade. To make a really strong (and safe) joint, you will need to use a more aggressive (and more toxic) acid flux.
planefixxer (author)  lalegría1 year ago
That may be true, but was not looking to actually solder to the blade. The crimp on the blade is enough to hold it rigid by itself. The purpose of the solder is only to keep the crimp from opening. That being said any solder that will join the two sides of the copper together is sufficient.
I really like your instructable as a fast way to make a saw handle. I think if you just add a few drops of stainless steel flux (ZnCl in HCl) to the joint you may be able to produce a very strong bond with the convenience of soldering.
marhar1 year ago
Very nice, clever to think of the copper tube as the handle!
Bettybstt1 year ago
Very clever. Nice Instructable, thanks for writing it up.
W8L42B91 year ago
nice I made one like this but with a saws all blade i was going to post it but then, i did not feel like it lol....best saw i have.
Showler1 year ago
Nice idea for a really simple instructable. I would try using a different saw blade and maybe some epoxy. Soldering can be a little tricky for an average individual but epoxy is only a trip to the home depot away. Good job!
planefixxer (author)  Showler1 year ago
Epoxy would work too. I figured if you had some copper laying around like me, you can also solder.