Easy Hammock Straps





Introduction: Easy Hammock Straps

This is an instructable on my easy, fun, compact, and upcycled hammock straps. All you need is scrap pieces of paracord at least 1 1/2 ft. long. Hammocks are great for pretty much anything anywhere. I take mine on trips with the family to retreats with my church. These paracord chain straps will make using your hammock a lot easier. Enjoi!!!

Step 1: Make the Links

Tie the two ends of a strand together with a simple overhand knot.

Step 2: Make the Strap Chain

Tie the paracord together by putting one link through the other to make a cross and put it into itself. You can tie multiple pieces together or take links out for your needs. Have fun and be safe!!



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    You should know that plain paracord straps like this will be very damaging to a tree. If you want to go around a metal post or something, or hanging inside like your picture shows, is fine. Once you put full body weight on those cords, any knots you have made will be pulled so tight, it will be almost impossible to undo. Maybe you should add also some knot instructions that are easy to remove.