Step 4: Tie the tie!!

clip the halves together and tie the tie AROUND YOUR LEG. I won't go into how to tie a bow tie here. You can find instructions all over the web and I've included a link to one example here. It is very easy to do around your leg. Remember, a hand tied tie is NOT supposed to look perfect. Once you have something you like, carefully unhook the finished tie.

Hint, adjust loop to make the tie as big as possible. This will give you more material to work with.
FINALLY!! I attend about 8-10 black ties a year, and EVERYBODY has a clip-on (including me). I have always wanted to know how to tie a bow-tie, and nobody could teach me, because nobody knew. THANK YOU!! Finally, I can give my tux that extra dash of class!
Bra Hooks also work great for the closure on the back... as does velcro
Heh, cool Instructable. You know that show Two and a half Men? I always see Charlie (one of the main characters) having his tie untied... and it looks like what it looks like in the last picture.. they look funny un-done like that. Nice Instructable!
Yeah, but the "after party un-tie" is an easy way to let your friends know how suave you are. lol
oh great idea! and you are totally right- a hand-tied tie makes all the difference!

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