In this instructable I will show you a smart way to put on a new pair of handlebar grips on your bike without hairspray or anything that will make them slide around!

Step 1: Gather Your Supplies

You will need:

4-5 zip ties

some handlebars

some handlebar grips

Step 2: Place the Zip-ties

put the zip-ties (4-5) in the handlebar grip, one on every side of the inside of the grip.

Step 3: Place on Handlebars

Put the grip on the bars and make sure that the zip ties are spaced out inside the grip.(This may be tricky)!

Step 4: Putting the Grip on the Bar

pull the grip onto the bar with as much force as you need. it should slide on quite easily.


Now just pull the zip ties out and you have a properly placed grip on your bar. Repeat for other grip.

<p>Cool, great idea! I suffered a lot to instal grips in my bike. Thanks a lot</p>

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