Introduction: Easy Handmade Nuts and Bolts Star Trek Enterprise

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This is a very simple instructable to make Star Trek Enterprise 1701 - A from your uncategorized material bins.

The idea came from one day i found a wingnut in the gap of the carpet, it looks so familiar to me, then i realized it's could make a perfect part on Enterprise.

So, yeah, Make it so.

Step 1: What You Need

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Nuts, screws, washers, bolts and etc., any leftover piece in you uncategorized material bins can be useful.

To assemble, you need some super glue or metal/jewelry glue.

In addition, you probably need a blueprint of Enterprise.

Step 2: Secondly Hull and Warp Engines

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Pick up the proper items, such as bolts and nuts, align them to see if they work.

Glue each item one by one. You'd better make sure one fixed solid, then add another.

Step 3: Primary Hull and Bridge

Picture of Primary Hull and Bridge

Same as the previous step. Use washers in different sizes to make a plate.

You may glue the washers into three groups, bridge-primary hull-main phaser, then combine them with the screw.

Step 4: Final Assemble

Picture of Final Assemble

Now we are almost done. Just glue the 2 pieces together.

Step 5: Boldly Go!

Picture of Boldly Go!

Step 6: Update - Exploring the Fridge

Picture of Update - Exploring the Fridge

Thanks to rc jedi 's brilliant idea with magnets!


maurvz800 (author)2017-09-12

I LOVE this instructable for the Enterprise,any chance of a design for VOYAGER along the lines of your Enterprise?

Folda Fett made it! (author)2017-08-25

Finally finished it! And I made some for all my fellow trekkies! I used a 1/4 inch stove bolt with a regular nut and lock nut of the same size glued together to make the body. Glued on the wing nut and 2 socket head cap screws for the nacelles. For the saucer I glued a fender washer to a really big regular washer along with some odd rounded washers I had laying around. Just thought I'd describe how I made mine if it helps someone.

MicheleJ25 (author)2017-06-16

Can you post a detail list of supplies for the ship.

Vesa Seppänen (author)2015-12-23

USS Nuts (AOB-1701-A)


ha, ha, ha! good one, kid.

iGreeny (author)Vesa Seppänen2015-12-23

Cheers, nuts!

Folda Fett (author)2017-01-31

Great Instructable, I will try and do this very soon!

YOUTUBEFREEKYOYO (author)2016-11-03

wow! i never thought nuts, bolts, and washers could make something this nerdy! outstanding job!

Mamarox (author)2016-10-26

Go Boldly- to the Hardware store
Gonna make it!

BKLaRue (author)2016-09-08

Super cool!

malibro (author)2016-08-17

hows about an underside photo

Whovian123 (author)2016-07-23

do you think you could give me a more exact parts list

rc jedi (author)2015-12-25

"Make it so" With magnets, it can be exploring the fridge.

iGreeny (author)rc jedi2015-12-29

Aye aye, sir!

ИванИ11 (author)2015-12-24


mchau2 (author)2015-12-24

this is quite genius! a stopmotion application maybe?

JokerDAS (author)2015-12-24

That is AWESOME! very clever use of materials!

paulrobare (author)2015-12-24

Fantastic!!! Boldly go where no office supplies hack has gone before! Now... if only there were some way to weld those little guys into a single piece...

tjdux (author)2015-12-24

I am totally gonna try to weld one of those up. great ible. if I get it done i will post a pic.

jlepack (author)2015-12-23

totally awesome!

MikeyWalnuts (author)2015-12-23

I love it! I'm going to have to make one for myself!

Granzeier (author)2015-12-23

I love it! This is a great instructable - nice and simple, but very cool.

Thanks for the 'ible.

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