Picture of Easy Harry Potter Scarf
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Be the envy of your fanclub with this remarkable scarf. I can not take all of the credit for this for me bestest pal Jake or SIRJAKEOFCAMELOT taught me how to do this. He taught me how to do a scarf and I thought out the whole Harry Potter connection...THANK YOU JAKE!!!
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Step 1: Supplies!

Picture of Supplies!
1.Two house coloured yarn. I cose to support goog ole Godrick
2.Tape, Duct is best

Step 2: Straws

Picture of Straws
get an even amout of straws depending on how thick you want your scarf. I did eight you might want to do anly six. It is important that you only use an even number of straws. cut off the bendy part if they have it.

Step 3: Start your engines

Picture of Start your engines
Measure out how long you want your scarf to be by wrapping a piece of yarn around you about how long you want it to be, then add about four more inches on to it and cut. line up the newly cut piece of yarn with eight more, or six more or however many straws thick your scarf is.

Step 4: String it throught

Picture of string it throught
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take your piece of yarn and string it through your straws. Tape it on the other end like in the picture

Step 5: Time to start weaving

Picture of time to start weaving
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C:\Documents and Settings\HP_Administrator\My Documents\My Pictures\Kegan's stuff\scarf\DSC05790.JPG
this helps if you have a basic knowledge of how to weave. If you don't it goes like this. UNDER OVER UNDER OVER UNDER OVER BAAAAACK the same thing. Take a new piece of yarn (still not cut)and tie it to one of the end straws. then go over under back. Youll see if you look in the picture.

Step 6: How to make sections

Picture of how to make sections
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to make sections of different colors is easy. just weave on the straws and kinda scruntch it together. Make the section about five inches long. But since i am MUCH to lazy to do that I just used my wallet as a ruler. Then just tie off the first tie on another piece and start over! JUST LIKE PIE! (when it gets to long for the straws just push it onto the yarn)

Step 7: Keep it up!!

Picture of keep it up!!
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dramione23 days ago

Its confuzing help me:(

dramione23 days ago

I think it great to make it!

im going to go buy green and silver yarn for a ravenclaw one now :)
Those are Slytherin colors!

Yes, if you choose those colors, you may end up in Draco's House! (No offense, Slytherins!)

Actully, Ravenclaw is BLUE and silver ! Sorry i'm a bit of a Harry Potter fan xxx.
I just wanted to say, Slytherin is green and silver not Ravenclaw :)
Agh, wht was I thinking? Of course. I feel stupid now. Well, I gt my slytherin scarf done (with grey and green :D) and am workIng on a ravenclaw one for
My BFF now :)
I have a weaving kit that does this but it can only make it like 1 foot and it turns out AWFUL.
Partex5 years ago
 How do you change sections?  I didn't get that part of this instructable but otherwise it was really awesome.
You type the end of the string and then start another color by tying it on the straw. You can also tie the new color to your previous one.
webdog365 years ago
This is AWESOME! I'm going to make a Ravenclaw one!
I know! Ravenclaw is awesome.
AGREED! It will match my Ravenclaw robe nicely. That and my radish earrings and butterbeer cork necklace. =D
Luna lovegood fan? :) one of my favs 2!
I love Luna too! She's so quirky! I'm a Hufflepuff fan myself!
HMice mudge983 years ago
GOOOO RAVENCLAW!!!!!! xD (We are the smartest!)
hammer98765 years ago
Finally got around to uploading a photo. Thanks for the instructions!
What house scarf is that ? Or is it just a homeade one ? xx
Its Griffindor
Gee. I didn't know I was completely limited to the colors of the houses from the Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry.

Bandersnatch House! Colors teal, purple and vermillion.
just wanted to ask... when you pushed the yarn off onto the straws, did it seem to "unravel" a bit?
'cause that's what mine did, and i'm not sure how to fix it D:
This is the easiest h.p. scarf ive EVER seen!
Kestrel3410 months ago
OMG my daughter will flip out of this. excited to try it out amd surprise her. thanks very much!!
hboyajian2 years ago
This was tough at first...the easiest way to get the yarn through the straw is to put a small amt in and then suck on the straw until the yarn comes to the end!
globogym2 years ago
Do you think that this technique could be applied to a pair of socks? I can't knit for my life but I really like this whole weaving thing. Any help would be great!
lorincs123 years ago
i love harry potter
LOL!that stotally crazy!amazing sarf!
glien4 years ago
thanks for the great instructable!!! here is my (amazing) RAVENCLAW SCARF!!!!
Nagini10254 years ago
I dont get what to do when the scarf gets too long for the straws...
just slide the part you wove onto the yarn. it will slide right on!!!
kiwi168774 years ago
I got really confused............ so i knitted it instead.
star_empyre4 years ago
i'm trying to make this scarf, and am using slightly larger McDonald's straws, so when i push the yarn off the straws, they seem to unravel a bit?
... is that supposed to happen?

if not, could you tell me how to make it properly? XD
JujubeanO4 years ago
It's essentially a basic weave...
I had weaving kit when I was younger and I made scarves with it all the time... sad I donated it ....
emychan4 years ago
Wait. I might sound stupid but, do you weave toward the taped side or away from it?
tamalf4 years ago
THIS IS AWESOME!!! Im totally making a gryffindor one right now. i took a break to type LOVE IT!!! Great Job!
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