Introduction: Easy Harry Potter Wand

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Make an easy Harry Potter wand in 5 minutes with hot glue and chopsticks. Please vote in the top corner.

Step 1: Begin

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Begin by getting the following items: hot glue gun, chopsticks, broun and tan acrylic paint. Start applying hot glue to the top of the chopstick and go down about a third of it. Keep the glue as smooth as possible, this may be difficult.

Step 2: Continue

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Continue gluing and smoothing with a toothpick or pen.

Step 3: Make a Good Handle

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Make sure the top and bottom of the handle are bigger than the rest.

Step 4: Optional

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Apply a thin layer of glue under the handle. Be sure that it is as smooth as it can be.

Step 5: Begin Painting

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Begin painting the handle dark Broun.

Step 6: Continue Painting

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Paint the rest of the wand with a lighter shade of Broun.

Step 7: Optional 2

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Paint the tip of the wand white.

Step 8: Your Done

Have fun and please vote for this instructables in the wizarding contest.


TVbuster (author)2016-06-22

remember to favorite this istructables if you liked it. Thank you!

Penolopy Bulnick (author)2016-08-17

Really love how it turned out :)

TVbuster (author)2016-06-25

check out my other instructables, the elder wand. It is easier than it looks. Thank you.

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