Easy Have-a-Heart Mouse Trap





Introduction: Easy Have-a-Heart Mouse Trap

This is a very effective trap that I used to get rid of mice and also test other's traps. The top rated one (the one with the toilet paper roll) did not work, while our trap did.

Step 1: Materials

There are a few things you need:

- A vase preferably tall with a groove* at the top so the mice can not escape.
- Peanut butter
- Raisins
- A pot holder or other small means to get to the top.
  • If you do not have a grooved vase as seen in the pictures, you may be able to oil the sides of the vase.

Location- near a bottom drawer.

Step 2: Building the Trap

1. Open the bottom drawer of wherever you are placing the vase.
2. Place the vase touching or almost touching (depending about how high your vase is compared to your drawer.)
3. Smear peanut butter on the inside of the vase that is opposite the drawer.
4. Put a few raisins stuck to the peanut butter
5. Place the pot holder in a bridge from the open drawer to the vase.
6. Well done!



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    Honestly using this style of trap where I live bad idea

    Thanks you just saved me $15 and a trip to the hardware store in the snow!!! I'll let you know...

    How tall a vase? How high can mice jump? Why does peanut butter at the bottom prevent them from jumping? What groove? (Do you mean a vase that has a narrower neck as opposed to a straight sided one? ) 

    And finally, what do you do with them after (eck!) you've caught them? 

    For your first and second question, I found that they can jump about 12 inches. I used a large flower vase about 15 inches tall. They usually dont figure out that they can jump very soon though.
    For your third question the peanutbutter at the bottom doesnt prevent them from going out, but more gives them something to do besides trying to learn to jump higher.
    For your fourth question, i just meant the kind in the picture that look kinda like this:
    )       (   <- This the groove i was talking about. The "handle."
    \        /
     \ __/
    For the final question, I put a plate on top and released them in a field near brush.

    Sorry the underscores didnt go in the last message here it is: just think of the dashes as underscores.

    )      (
     \     /

    Thanks. That clears up all my questions!

    Yes, thank you. I have a multiple-mice problem and this will help out greatly.

    Ok. Also, I need to add one more step. Put some peanut butter at the bottom so they dont jump out. (They Jump very very high.

    Interesting, I'll give this a try tonight when the little bugger is out and about.