Easy High Voltage Power Supply


Introduction: Easy High Voltage Power Supply

First off , here is a video a video I made in case you get stuck on any parts:

Okay now time for a safety rant,
Disclaimer: this is dangerous, be very careful with it as it could easily mess you up. And by that I mean it may even kill you if handled unproporly
Now with that said, let's get started!

Step 1: Watch the Step by Step Video

Watching the video is a good way to better understand what you are doing, and with the instructables hand in hand, should hopefully make a more stress free build, so here it is!

Click on this for the Video

or use this link ------> https://youtu.be/k5uNa13Li1I

Step 2: Parts Needed

1 fluorescent light ballast
1 flyback transformer ( easily salvaged from a crt tv )
1 switch ( able to withstand mains voltage ) I got mine from an old vacuum
1 cylinder can ( I used a tang powder container )
And basic soldering supplies

Step 3: Getting the Flyback Transformer

As seen in the image, this is a flyback transformer, it provides a cat television with high voltage needed for the electron gun's field.
You will notice a wire coming out of it stuck to the tv with a suction cup, stick a grounded piece of metal under the suction cup, this will discharge the held capacitance.

Now that you have done that, remove the suction cup and de-solder the flyback transformer from the board. I use a solder pump, but it would be easier with desoldering wick. Once you have the flyback transformer off the board you set for the next step!

Step 4: Assembling the Circuit

Okay, first off look at the pin layout of the flyback transformer ( the image I have ) how take the power cord to the crt tv, or just any power coward to mains, and connect it to the white and black wire of the light ballast, ( remember this is AC so it doesn't matter which goes to which ) however , in between one of the mains and the black wire to the ballast, put your switch.
Now take the 2 blue wires and connect them to pin 1 of the flyback transformer
Take one of the yellow wires ( yellow is ground ) and connect it to pin 2

That's all for the circuit !

Step 5: Finding the Second HV

The wire that has the suction cup is your first high voltage, to find the second high voltage, turn on the circuit, and using a stick, bring the suction cup wire down the the pins, and see which pin it arcs most easily to, and that's your other high voltage spot, solder a wire to it and use electrical tape or heat shrink tubing!

Step 6: Putting It All Together

Okay ! Take that tang can and make cover it with black paper, now put all the components in, and cut a hole for the switch, and mains wire. How feed out the 2 high voltage wires through holes poked in the lid
- make sure everything is insulated, if you use a good container, fill it with transformer oil.
Otherwise just be extra careful.

I put a high voltage sign on mine, and you should too! As it is dangerous. Also this will hold a charge so be sure to discharge it when you are done.

Now you know how to make a easy high voltage power supply! Be safe and have fun!



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    Can i use this project with 230 volts

    how many volts is the flyback?

    sure! Only I'm not quite sure what you mean by that, do you mean why it works the way it does?

    This project is highly dangerous to operate. The author should have put a disclaimer to that effect.

    3 replies

    I had a safety rant in the Intro, but I updated it, good thinking !

    Thanks! Good work tho... I don't know who won't be fascinated by some Good high voltage for hobby use.

    it depends greatly on the size of the flyback you use, generally bigger = higher voltage, also if you wind your own primary the amount of turns come in to play as wel. But with this , about 20kv to 40kv I would guess