Introduction: Easy, Homemade Dart

This is a homemade dart that can be made in abut 5 minutes.

Step 1: Suplies and Tools

Here is what you'll need.
2.Tape, preferably duck tape
4.Small Screw
5.Some thin foam, can be found at craft stores
7.Small scissors and/or small knife
Okay, lets start.

Step 2: The Main Body

Okay, take your pencil and with some pliers, or if you want, your teeth, and take off the eraser. Make sure that you get the metal thing too. Once it is off, discard the metal piece and the eraser. Now, take the small knife and split the pencil(see photo). Now take the knife and cut a nick about half an inch from the end in the split part on the pencil(photo). Be careful, as it can break easily.

Step 3: The Tip

Take your screw, and with the hammer, pound the flat end in a rectangle shape. If your nick was the right size, your screw should now fit right into the nick. Take the tape, and warp it around the screw and pencil a few times. Leave enough screw(see photo, dont mind the purple thing) so that while the screw is secure, it can also stick into that carbord box, a cat, or your sister. Joking of course.

Step 4: The Tail

Okay, take your foam and cut a circle with you sisors about 1 1/3 inches tall/wide. Cut a hole in the middle, thiner than the pencil.
cut lines in the foam a 1/4 inch long. do this all the way around(see photo). Now cut two lines all the way to the hole(photo).
Staple the to edges together(photo). Now slide the tail on the end of the pencil where the earaser used to be. Gle it in place, and your done. Have fun and be safe.


Master+Wasi+47 made it!(author)2014-11-15

I can make a dart in 30 seconds. Take a toothpick wrap paper on it like a cone put a little glue to hold it on place. You should measure the paper cone so it fits in the barrel voila.But your one is different and cool.

freerunnin1 made it!(author)2009-04-14

im using these as blow darts in a 2.5mm wide copper pipe:D

amature+engineer made it!(author)2009-04-14

How do they work? I meant these to more of a throwing dart. Wasn't thinking clearly when I thought of the design. Probably could have come up with something better. Glad you like it to try it. Thanks, AM

freerunnin1 made it!(author)2009-04-15

ive made 4 and all you have to do is to squeeze the fletchings on the back (the paper) so it will fit in the tube, it'll make it into tall cup shape that will catch the air. the only thing is u have to put tape over the whole of the pipe so u dont go green :P lol plus u have to 'puff' the dart quite hard :P

grevious made it!(author)2008-10-02

hmmm................. maybe trim down the back of the suction cup a little for smaller tubes?

grevious made it!(author)2008-10-02

oh it's not a suction cap lol

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