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Recently, my father came across a magazine article that suggested using biscuits in place of pizza crust.  He mentioned it to me in passing, and I decided that I was going to try it out and see how it compared to a normal pizza.  A quick trip to the grocery store, and I was ready to give it a go.

What I found was that this is fantasically easy to do, bakes rather quickly, and best of all it tastes great!  I made this in preparation of my parents visiting, and it didn't last long with everyone digging in.

It's not delivery, it's instructables!

Step 1: Ingredients

Picture of Ingredients
The basic ingredients are pretty straight forward.

1 tube biscuits- will use this for the crust.
1/2 bottle tomato based sauce (I substituted with alfredo sauce)
A bag full of shredded mozzarella
Your choice of toppings (I used sausage, pepperoni, and bacon)

The Tools you need:
A skillet (to prepare the meat), baking stone, rolling pin, and pizza cutter.
carlsmart4 years ago
Hmm biscuit pizza?Rather reluctant to this.
yokozuna (author)  carlsmart4 years ago
What's the old expression... don't knock it till you try it? My Mom and Dad really liked it, as did I. My little brother wasn't a huge fan, but mostly because he didn't like the alfredo sauce, not because of the crust. It's definitely easier to make than pizza crust, and I prefer the finished product. I guess to each their own though!
nachozombie4 years ago
won't the taste be a little off? since your not baking it your kinda cooking it
yokozuna (author)  nachozombie4 years ago
It's baked in the oven. If the taste is "off", it's because of the different crust, but I actually prefer this crust to normal pizza crust.
tkjtkj4 years ago
Ummm.."gravey bisquit pizza" !!! gotta do it!

nice job ;)
yokozuna (author)  tkjtkj4 years ago
Interesting idea, combining the two... of course you need to take some pictures for us!
nachozombie4 years ago
this is epic :DDDD
yokozuna (author)  nachozombie4 years ago
NachoMahma4 years ago
.  Yummmm.
.  The only thing better on a biscuit is gravy. ;)
yokozuna (author)  NachoMahma4 years ago
Mmmm, gravy!