This cape is super easy to make, even for novice sewers! I made it first for a friend on request, then used scrap materials from a different project to make one for my niece. The pictures for this Instructable are of the baby cape, although I'll provide measurements for both.

Step 1: Supplies

For this cape, you'll need the following:

Fleece- 1 to 2 yards for adults, 1/2 yard for babies

Sewing supplies/sewing machine- Needle, thread, pins, sewing machine (optional). I've made this cape both with and without a machine, and both ways turned out nicely.


Measuring tape

Button or Closure
Here is the cape my girlfriend made for me. Thanks!
can you do the cape with a different type of fabric?
Sure you can! It will take a little more sewing if you use a fabric that frays because you'll want the edges and seams to look nice. Otherwise you should have no problem.
She is pretty with this cape !

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