Easy Hot Chocolate





Introduction: Easy Hot Chocolate

In this instructable I will show you how to make delicious hot chocolate.

Step 1: Ingredients

These are the things you will need:

- 2 teaspoons unsweeted cocoa
- 2-3 teaspoons suggar
- boiling water
- cup


- milk
- irish cream liqueur or similar like Baileys or Amarula

Step 2: Chocolate

Put 2 teaspoons unsweeted cocoa in the cup.

Step 3: Suggar

Now put 2-3 tespoons suggar in the cup and mix it with the cocoa.

Step 4:

Now fill in boiling water.

Step 5: Optionally: Alc.

For children, add milk.
For adults, i would recommend you to put any cream liqueur in it, it's more delicious at all.

Now enjoy your fast done hot chocolate!



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    Geezer Hack
    try adding only a bit of hot water first.
    then mix to a thin mud
    then add the rest of water or milk
    You'll get a much smoother...less lumpie drink in a shorter time.

    try amarula wit a shot a vodka sum chocolate cooky crumbs and whipped cream!!!

    It's better made with hot milk, but the "Irish Cream Liqueur" interests me - where did you get it?


    1 reply

    yes, you're right. But with hot water its much faster done^^. And the cream liqueur is just a gift from a friend - no name brand -  but with 25%. i think you can take any brand

     Very good, just made some!

    this is probably a couple hundred times better but if u want REALLY quick and easy there is all ways nesleys hot chocolate mix (and other off brands )

    Baileys in hot chocolate, sounds really good.