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Introduction: Easy Hot Pad/ Water Bottle

Ever have a stomach pain, back pain. Etc. that just won't go away, all to find that hot water bottle in the back of the closet has holes in it, or is no more? Here's an easy hot water bottle you can make at home!

Step 1: Heat Up Water to a Good Temperature

Take a pitcher or a bowl and put warm water in it. Heat it in the microwave long enough to not burn you, but slightly warmer than you want your hot water bottle to be.(It will cool in the process.)

Step 2: Put a Kitchen Towel in the Water.

This will safely heat it up.

Step 3: Place It in a Plastic Kitchen Bag.

Zip it up, and done! Enjoy! Aaaaaaahhhhhh....



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    I'll have to do this next time because ours dissappeared :)