I have made several of the soda bottle hot houses but have found that they take up a lot of space and when the seeds get to the edge they start to die so I was thinking about how to make a hot house cheaply.

I realized that after a recent move I had several of these plastic bins that were just being stored away in the attic and I thought maybe it would work as a larger hothouse.

Step 1: Materials Needed

I went to a home improvement store and got one of the light diffusers for a fluorescent light fixture and started to cut it up into sections that fit the lid of the container. I use this so that the pots don’t sit in the water and I put water in that area so that it creates a very humid environment.

I have also done this with smaller containers but am finding I am enjoying the larger containers
do you know where to get dodder seed.<br />
&nbsp;No I don't<br /> <br /> Not even sure what it is<br /> <br /> <br />
That looks great. Do you use this indoors or outdoor? Also a strange group of "related" instructables come up, which seem quite unrelated. Maybe you can add plants, propagate, gardening etc. to the keyword/tags. It would be nice if instructables had a gardening category too.
I live in florida so I have been using it outdoors in the lanai
Do you have any trouble with fungus? Full sized green houses have windows and/or fans to keep the air moving. The air movement is needed to minimize damage from disease. Also you may have noticed this website can't handle special characters like so called smart quotes. If you edit your text inside the Instructables toolkit, it will clean it up.
I just pasted the text into the sections I didn't do smart quotes As for fungus no I tend to open them up once they begin to grow to keep the air flowing and I put the lid on in the evening to trap some of the warm air so the seedlings don't get damaged so far no fugus but then I do clean it up when I have a batch growing well and ready to transplant

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