Step 6: Waking

Even though hypnosis isn't really sleep, typically we describe returning to normal as 'waking up' from a trance.  

It's probably the easiest thing about hypnosis.  You simply give the suggestion that they will wake up.

The generally accepted best-practice is to count them up, leaving suggestions that they will feel wide awake, refreshed, and relaxed.  

Typical end-of-trance suggestion:
"In a moment, I'm going to count from 1 to 5, and when I reach the number 5 you'll be wide awake, feeling relaxed and refreshed.  1, 2, 3, 4, 5 - Eyes open, wide awake."

If you don't wake them up with a suggestion, they might experience discomfort, disorientation, and sometimes even headaches.  The best cure for this is to take them back under and wake them up properly.  

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doofah4 years ago
Unfortunately we're still in a situation where the general population have no idea of what to expect, to save some awkwardness:

Hypnosis actually has very little to do with sleep, and everything to do with focus. Imagine reading a book, watching tv, soldering a tiny wire into a tiny connector or any task you tend to zone out whilst carrying it out (walking to the shops?). In actual fact, you're not zoned out but zoned in!

In your natural waking state you have this innate need to be distracted by as many things as possible - it makes you alert, ensures that your backside is covered no matter what you're doing etc... but when you focus intently, your conscious mind becomes too preoccupied to be bothered with outside distractions - think about times when someone has had to shout your name repeatedly because you were concentrating and didn't hear them (or did, but your brain ignored it).

Hypnosis is simply a method to help you focus intently. A side effect of hypnosis is relaxation - not to make you sleep, but to help your focus narrow further, until finally your subconscious is listening but your conscious mind isn't.

Then, your hypnotist, hypnotherapist will be able to make suggestions, which your subconscious will listen to - not directly, suggestions like, "You are a prince and have a billion followers on twitter" will be rejected immediately (unless you're a prince, and do have a billion followers on twitter). Guiding the subconscious in to a world where anything is possible, either using the imagination of the subject (and guiding it) or story telling is a much better way to talk to the subconscious.

Once the subconscious experiences something, it believes it to be a fact... if it experiences it a few times, it is part of life! (think about it ... the moon has very little gravity - fact, but can you live that, does your subconcious just KNOW or does it actually BELIEVE?)

So to help all those people who say, "It doesn't work..." I say, it does! I've used the magnetic hands method myself in my training. If it doesn't work you got something wrong - probably the pretalk. More commonly you give away the fact that you've never done this before... and the conscious goes into defensive mode, refusing to leave its little brother alone with your for a moment.

Practise, practise, practise.... and once you have the induction in place, learn to use it to take people into relaxation and back again - but nothing else until you've studied more. You don't want anyone suing you just cos they can on false claims.
iHypnoU (author)  doofah4 years ago
Thank you, these are very good points!

There's a reason why I list confidence as one of the required materials on the first page - whether or not you think it can work, you're probably not going to be surprised with your results. And even worse, if you tell your subject that you don't think it'll work, you're just setting yourself up to fail.
flying7054 years ago
I think my dad did it wrong then but o well it was fun though!!!!!!! :)
thehongkid5 years ago
What if they don't wake up?
iHypnoU (author)  thehongkid5 years ago
Hypnosis isn't really a state where you're 'sleeping' and it's not something you can really get locked in. If the subject doesn't want to wake up, they'll eventually just slip into natural sleep, from which they'll wake up like anyone does from natural sleep.
Please could you post a video of hypnotism?
cheif2465 years ago
Plecebal effect...
you mean "placebo"?
i think so...
Johnny Rex5 years ago
listen, this is really cool, but does this ACTUALLY work? And what is the point, do you tell them to do something and to think something or what? and when? PLZ RESPOND QUICKLY!!! thanks in advance
iHypnoU (author)  Johnny Rex5 years ago
Yes it actually works, when done properly. The point is that you can give the subject suggestions, typically to distort their perceptions. Just telling them to do or think something won't work, though, in most cases.