Easy Ice Cream Sandwich Cake




Introduction: Easy Ice Cream Sandwich Cake

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This "CAKE" is easy to make and delicious! I found several different flavors of Ice cream sandwiches at my grocery store; chocolate chip, vanilla, chocolate and vanilla mixed.

This is a great summer project for kids to help make. Make sure you have room in your freezer to keep this while you're working on it and when it is finished.

Step 1: Ingredients

Ice cream sandwiches

frosting or cool whip

candy for topping

Little Debbie Brownies or individually wrapped cakes (optional)


you will also need:

cardboard covered in freezer paper or a plate to put the cake on

knife for spreading the frosting

Step 2: Bottom Layer


If you choose to have a cake or brownie layer on the bottom, unwrap them and position close together.


Step 3: Stack the Ice Cream Sandwiches

Unwrap several ice cream sandwiches and place on top of the brownie layer. Cut extras to fit.

You can use frosting or peanut butter or Nutella (YUM) between the layers.

Step 4: Frosting

Frost the top and sides with frosting or Cool Whip.

Step 5: Topping

Randomly place M & M's or Reese's pieces on top of the finished "Cake".

Or you can decorate with a shell border using a frosting star tip.

Place in freezer until just before serving.




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