In this instructable i'll be showing you how i made my induction heater in a very simple way with components from old electronics.

Nesse Instructable vou mostrar a vocês como fiz meu aquecedor por indução de uma maneira muito simples usando componentes reaproveitados.

Step 1: Getting the Components // Achando Os Componentes

I removed most of the components from an old computer motherboard, i removed 2 power MOSFET's and 2 inductors, in another pcb i found a capacitor and the necessary resistors for the project, the diodes i had on my components bin, they were the only thing i had to "buy"

Retirei a maioria dos componentes de uma placa mãe velha de computador, 2 MOSFET's de potência, 2 indutores, em outra palca achei um capacitor e os resistores necessarios, os diodos tinha em uma caixinha de componentes, eles foram a unica coisa que precisei "comprar"

<p>your schematics are a work of art and your printing is exceptional. I couldn't do that well when I took drafting in school..</p>
<p>that cool. tnx for sharing./</p><p>Is it work with PC ATX (power supply)?</p>
<p>Yes, no problems. If you leave it on for a very long time i recommend using heatskinks on the MOSFET's</p>
Hi, nice instructable. I Like ist. But do you get 7A from the old Laptop batterys?
At least that's what my miltimeter says, i have 3cells in series, and then 2 of these in parallel, it gives me 12v and a nice amount of current
<p>Thanks for sharing!</p>
<p>You're welcome!</p>

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