This is a step by step build guide to making your own intervalometer on the cheap, allowing you to take timelapse footage.

The problem:

I filmed timelapse footage before using my CANON A480 compact camera, which was made very easy using CHDK (the canon hack and development kit) firmware hack. How ever I really wanted the footage to be of higher quality so I wanted to use my Nikon D40.

My Solution:

Most low end DSLR's like mine, have an Infrared remote as the sole external trigger. Other cameras may have pre-made wired intervalometers onsale, but these cost hundreds of dollars. Yet the majority of them have IR remote cabability. This means you can buy a cheap knock off, of your camera's remote and HACK 'IT' UP.

Step 1: Get the Parts

For this easy build you will need :
  1. An IR remote for your make of camera. (this is Crucial for sucess)
  2. An arduino of any type, however the nano is a good size.
  3. A single 2N3904 NPN transistor, yet any comparable NPN will do
  4. One 10K resistor.
  5. PP3 9V battery *
  6. PP3 battery clip *
Extra's that you may want to make it special:
  1. A nice project box or enclosure
  2. Metal toggle switch
  3. L-ion battery pack *
There is no problem providing 5v instead of 3 to the remote? Looks great, I'm planning something similar and will mount it all on the hotshoe with the ir led facing down
<p>In hindsight this would have made more sense as the coin cell is 3v and most arduinos have a 3.3v regulated pin. </p>
<p>Is this the remote you used?</p><p>YN ML-L3 InfraRed Remote Controller for Nikon Digital Cameras</p><p>It would be a lot easier to get the exact same one.</p><p>Thanks for this great instructable,</p><p>Shane</p>
Very nicely done! Thanks.
Thank you. I have now salvaged the arduino from this project so it is now more :( but just wait till you see what I have done with it.
You should add some result pictures.
I am waiting for the solid grey cloud over england to do something more interesting than just sit there, but I will do.

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